Windows Phone version of Skype receives update to reduce the size of the fonts on screen

Windows Phone version of Skype receives update to reduce the size of the fonts on screen
An update to the Windows Phone version of the Skype app includes a fix for a problem that has been affecting users. Some have complained that the fonts have been too big. Before the update, Skype users on the platform were able to see five contacts on the screen. After the update, they can now view six contacts.

The same thing applies with messages. Following the update, users can now view more content from a message on the screen, at one time. Skype is calling the smaller fonts a "compact" design. You can click on the slideshow to see the difference before and after the update to version

While this is a step in the right direction, some Windows Phone users are still wondering why the company that owns Skype (which is Microsoft of course) can't make a version of its own mobile OS that tops the competition. It is the same thing that Office users are wondering about, although Microsoft seems ready to address that issue.

source: Skype (Windows) via WindowsCentral



1. murali_v_2000

Posts: 36; Member since: Jan 31, 2012

5 contacts to 6 contacts.... I am very impressed !!

4. Mercedes-Benz

Posts: 403; Member since: Jan 18, 2015

Finally, some common sense from MS . This maybe I small details , but for the user it is very noticable

5. lalalaman

Posts: 638; Member since: Aug 19, 2013

u dont know but it is a noticeable improvement if u use skype for IM

2. garlic456

Posts: 251; Member since: Dec 24, 2012


3. AfterShock

Posts: 4146; Member since: Nov 02, 2012

Still overblown like the rest of it.

6. GeekMovement unregistered

I tend to use the smaller/smallest fonts for most things.

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