Windows Phone 7 device still in Sony Ericsson's plans

Windows Phone 7 device still in Sony Ericsson's plans
Sony Ericsson had been rumored to be pulling out of the Windows Phone 7 game, while keeping their focus geared at the Android platform. While Android may be the center of their mobile phone universe, they do in fact still have plans for a Windows Phone 7 device down the road.

Sony Ericsson just recently issued a statement that they would no longer work with Nokia’s Symbian^3. The talk that they had the same fate line up for Windows Phone 7 isn’t true, but don’t expect to see this type of a device from them in the near future.

The new Chief Technology Officer over at Sony Ericsson was quoted saying, “Android is definitely our focus, but we have not given up on Microsoft’s Windows Mobile operating system, although it had a bit slow to take off. But Windows 7 Phone is on the roadmap.”

Sony Ericsson plans on making a splash in the US market that they have never had before. Maybe if they didn’t release phones with outdated software they would be in a better situation stateside (looking at you Xperia X10).

With a primary focus on Android, and a secondary focus on Windows Phone 7, Sony Ericsson may be able to pull out some big guns to fight for some US love. Do you guys think they should stick to Android, or would diversifying their array of smartphones be the better choice? Leave your thoughts for us so we can discuss this in the comments below.

source: WMPoweruser


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