Windows Phone 7 device still in Sony Ericsson's plans

Windows Phone 7 device still in Sony Ericsson's plans
Sony Ericsson had been rumored to be pulling out of the Windows Phone 7 game, while keeping their focus geared at the Android platform. While Android may be the center of their mobile phone universe, they do in fact still have plans for a Windows Phone 7 device down the road.

Sony Ericsson just recently issued a statement that they would no longer work with Nokia’s Symbian^3. The talk that they had the same fate line up for Windows Phone 7 isn’t true, but don’t expect to see this type of a device from them in the near future.

The new Chief Technology Officer over at Sony Ericsson was quoted saying, “Android is definitely our focus, but we have not given up on Microsoft’s Windows Mobile operating system, although it had a bit slow to take off. But Windows 7 Phone is on the roadmap.”

Sony Ericsson plans on making a splash in the US market that they have never had before. Maybe if they didn’t release phones with outdated software they would be in a better situation stateside (looking at you Xperia X10).

With a primary focus on Android, and a secondary focus on Windows Phone 7, Sony Ericsson may be able to pull out some big guns to fight for some US love. Do you guys think they should stick to Android, or would diversifying their array of smartphones be the better choice? Leave your thoughts for us so we can discuss this in the comments below.

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1. RR unregistered

Yes, SE design and quality of the phones are better than Samsung and Nokia. So they can concentrate on Android and W 7 OS rather than sticking to century old Symbian OS. They ruin the the performance of the Vivaz by putting S60 OS. If they put Android for Vivaz this would have been selling like hot cake.

2. Jesper unregistered

It is a bit hard to see how Sony Ericsson can fully support Windows Phone 7. Microsoft has chosen to bundle their mobile OS with Xbox functionality, which would make Sony Ericssons WMP7 phones more or less directly competing with Sonys PS3.

3. arqjavsa unregistered

RR is right I have play with the Vivaz and the phone looks good take good pictures,but the symbian Os kill it for me, besides is not very responsive the screen,they should stay with Android for now is a really good OS,and give WP7 a little time to see how it does on the market.

4. Rizky unregistered

Actually I'm in a contest to get a Vivaz... I think Symbian is alright, they OS need less power consumption Since I'm here I wanna share my video for Vivaz Contest here Hope you'll like it Thanks alot

5. Idris unregistered

Actually I have not worked with any android phones of SE, but I do have an Xperia X1 running a windows platform. Having said that I still believe SE should stick to Windows in the future especially for Business phones since Windows have strong features like Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook that always had a cutting edge over other operating systems.

6. Nathan unregistered

Two years ago MS Windows Mobile was the only smart phone option for someone who wanted MS Office like functionality. Now, I do not believe it's the case. Other platforms can edit Word & Excel. Some Outlook tasks don't transfer to mobile -- specifically tasks that are set to re-occur a specified time after it's marked complete. There is no way of removing unused categories. ActiveSync doesn't work consistently. These are just a few of the gripes i have with Windows Mobile. I would feel differently if MS issued patches to fix, but no such thing. I wouldn't want to go to WP7 on the chance of more oversights like these & possibly no updates to fix such oversights.

7. man unregistered

hi.i think in countries like iran or afghanistan lots of people like work with an easier phone spacially with orginal language!! symbian os is too easier for middle E county!! but in personally i really like window phone like sony or htc ... it seems faster and easier for the people that work with pc. by

8. yogin mehta unregistered

yes this is a good decision that a device with windows pbone 7 will appear.

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