Windows Mobile 7 to jump on social networking integration?

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Windows Mobile 7 to jump on social networking integration?
Sure there is going to be a lot of hype around October 6 when Microsoft will launch Windows Mobile 6.5 globally. With a plethora of devices being released, and some updated to the new version, there is still a faint focus on the next level for the aging platform. Microsoft's mobile operating system has come far from it's beginnings, but still feels the same at its core. Of course there have been companies like HTC  that continue to mask the platform with their very own slick looking home screen interface. One of the biggest thing we have been seeing with every mobile platform is the integration of social networking websites. Windows Mobile 7 is still a while away from being fine tuned and complete, but it seems that  Microsoft is looking to integrate social networking into its interface. There was a recent job posting from the Redmond based company that aims to delve into this feature in its future operating system. Its no surprise that they aim to do this because everywhere you turn it seems like manufacturers are making it a highlight. Of course they're going to have to step it up a notch if they really want it to stand out among the other crop.

source: Microsoft via MobileTechWorld


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