Windows Mobile 6.5 spotted on a Motorola Q9h

Windows Mobile 6.5 spotted on a Motorola Q9h
It's been a while since we've heard news about the Motorola Q9h, but it's getting some attention thanks to Windows Mobile 6.5 Standard Edition. Someone was able to load the newer platform on the aging QWERTY smart phone, but one is left to wonder whether or not this is legit. First thing you'll notice from the YouTube video is the extremely out of focus shooting – can we say that they might have been nervous? They proceed to go into the Settings menu and click “About” to display that it is Windows Mobile 6.5 Standard on the handset. Now if you place a WM 6.1 and WM 6.5 powered Motorola Q9h side-by-side, we really don't think you would notice a big difference. Worse yet, you probably would be unable to point out which one is running the newer version. So what's the benefit in all of it? Maybe just to have your “About” screen display the newer system?

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source: Everything WM via WMExperts

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