Windows 10 Mobile users can vote for the apps they want on fan created site WishAppList

Windows 10 Mobile users can vote for the apps they want on fan created site WishAppList
Windows 10 Mobile users might feel cheated when it comes to apps. Because of a conflict between Google and Microsoft over ads, there is no official YouTube app on the platform (although there are plenty of third party YouTube streamers available). Other popular apps available for iOS and Android that you won't find on a Windows 10 Mobile phone include dating app Tinder and popular messaging app Snapchat. The latter, however, is reportedly in the process of developing a Windows 10 Mobile app.

While Windows 10 Mobile users have resorted to tweets and petitions to let developers know what apps they would like on their handsets, a website called WishAppList allows them to suggest missing apps and then vote for the ones that they would like to have the option of installing on their phones. Game players can also vote for those titles that are not available to them. Some of the apps listed on the site might be available, but are stripped down in functionality when compared to the iOS and Android versions of the app. One such title is the Instagram beta for Windows 10 Mobile. 

Why the lack of Windows 10 Mobile apps? With the small market share owned by the platform, some developers don't expect to see any financial reward from producing a version of their app for the operating system. But perhaps they can be persuaded to change their minds.

If you are constantly envious of your iOS and Android totin' buddies because of the apps they have loaded on their handsets, click on the sourcelink and let your feelings be known by voting for the titles. After a certain number of votes are reached, WishAppList will contact the developers of these apps to let them know how much demand there is for a Windows 10 Mobile version. The app also gives you information on how to contact the publishers yourself.

While the site is designed for the Windows 10 platform, including PCs, we would imagine that much of the activity on the site reflects the hopes and dreams of Windows 10 Mobile users.

source: WishAppList via WMPoweruser


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