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Will you miss iTunes?

Will you miss iTunes?
The other day, Apple released its new macOS Catalina edition with one iconic piece of software in it replaced by several different apps. Your tunes are now present in the Music app, your movies in the TV one, readings in Books, your shows in Podcasts... yes, we are talking about iTunes and its demise, circa 2019.

We say "iconic," as Apple's sync software has been with us for a while but for some it could be considered iconically bloated and ineffective jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none. Apple finally decided to put it out of its misery and has now relegated its functions to much more polished and visually appealing specialized apps.

ОK, iTunes may have been one of the clunkiest things Apple has ever produced and it definitely didn't age well, but for many it was an integral part of their iPhone experience, and something may have been lost in the translation to the new replacement apps. 

That is why we wanted to ask you if you will have a period of morning over the loss of iTunes, or you have already forgotten what it was like to access everything Apple in one crappy hub on your computer.

Will you miss iTunes?

Yes, I'm used to it
Good riddance
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