Will touch BlackBerry come as an iPhone rival?

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Will touch BlackBerry come as an iPhone rival?
In an article concerning BlackBerry's strategy, the NY Times is quoting "two independent developers writing software for coming R.I.M. devices" that a touchscreen BlackBerry is in the works. It is yet unknown if it will have a hardware QWERTY just as the rest of its phone or will be an all-touch phone. However, known as the "Apple Killer" it is sure it will be consumer oriented device.

With the release of the Pearl and Curve series, the brand now offers non-professional features such as camera, memory card slot, multimedia player and headphones jack, clearly pointing out it cares about the consumer market. However, iPhone offers both Microsoft's corporate email and a bunch of other features, such as desktop-like Internet browser and advanced multimedia player. This way, most people who require more than an email client, prefer the Apple iPhone to any of the BlackBerry devices. The manufacturer is obviously trying to change this, as we've seen in the contemporary looking interface running on one of its rumored devices, so a touch-device also sounds realistic.

source: NYTimes via EngadgetMobile



1. Adam unregistered

Until you can find the Iphone on a different network, Blackberry will still outsell. Even with ATT ramping up 3G, the availalble 3G coverage in the nation is still a shadow to EVDO.

2. tdll13 unregistered

This is a great point. I am currently a blackberry user and will continue to be until the iphone comes to verizon. At that point "if it ever happens" I will dump blackberry but the slow network that the iphone currently runs on is to much of a hinder for someone outside of wifi for most of the day.

3. some guy unregistered

according to the people i have talked to in company the Touch Screen Blackberry will launch on Verizon first as a Verizon exclusive...this comes from our West Area Data President who is "in the know"...supposedly by the end of the year but we all know how good Verizon is at that game =P

4. T-Money3000 unregistered

VZW's getting it?? sweett

5. another guy unregistered

VZW rarely gets phones first as 90% of the world is gsm so naturally most manufacturers release the device in gsm first. Also VZW tests the hell out of phones before they are released leading to delays sometimes. As far as the iPhone?.... Great device really but for those holding out hope it will be VZW, give up now. VZW will never have a phone that has to be shipped to the manufacturer to be fixed. They take care of it in the store or are able to order one for you within two days, not 3 months.

6. some guy unregistered

^-- Wrong Manuafacturers worry about money, something VZW has excessive amounts of and is able to pay large amounts to RIM for something like this, as well as the residuals that RIM gets from every Blackberry activated on Verizon's network

7. some guy unregistered

you are correct on the iphone thing though

8. unregistered

I work for VZW and if we get that phone, it will blow att out of the water

9. unregistered

You need to think more of demographics people! RIM taylors to the white collar business people and the I-Phone is more of a "status" for the multi-media junkie! This is apple's and oranges! I will hand it to RIM for heading in a direction they have never gone before! I think a touch screen will do very well, but nix the multi-media!

17. unregistered

Blackberry doesnt just cater to white-collar professionals anymore, they have the Pearl and the Curve which are very cheaply priced for the capabilities those devices have.

10. indyguy unregistered

Verizon may have lots of cash on hand, but they also have lots of debt on hand - $31 billion plus. Also, I seriously doubt VZW will blow AT&T out of the water. They're the biggest and they're only going to get bigger.

18. unregistered

Sounds like someone might work the ATT...the only, and I mean only, reason ATT has the most customers is because of 1 phone, when VZW finally buys out Alltell, they will have the most customers. Serious Debt? You have to spend money to make money, kid. VZW has the largest profit margin of any cellular company in the word...

11. sinfulta unregistered

We had a blackberry rep come into our store, and said either 4th quarter 08 or 1st quarter of 09 that Verizon will have an exclusive blackberry and will be like no other blackberry we have seen. This is what we were told after telling him how mad we were about waiting for the curve. That's when he gave that statement.... but the followed to stay, You will see the reason why the curve doesn't even matter on Verizon when you see what's coming and how big of an exclusive this is going to be. This was back in Jan. Now a glimpse and some info is getting me excited.

12. jose unregistered

for most that doesn't know this but the iphone is contracted to at&t for the next 5 yrs. EDGE is about .25Mbps fast, while EvDo with REV .O is 3.1 Mb/s. at&t, however, will never support EvDo. The article also notes that EvDo has several classes and so does EDGE, in which case some EDGE class qualify as 3G.n another fact about EVDO is that you can not do voice and data at the same time. with 3g your able to. 3g is not offered in most city yet but will be in the near future

13. unregistered

ummm verizon is the most profitable carrier in teh US. Numbers dont lie. see how much revenue vzw grosses compared to ATT. Att has more prepaid customers than any other carrier. this quarter att gain 1.7 million customers with only 705k being post paid customers (contract). learn your facts before you post.

14. some guy unregistered

and Verizon out-paced ATT in customer growth this quarter, and Verizon will buy itself to the biggest just like AT&T has done

15. unregistered

you really get into this stuff i just want it i have the curve but i want the touch but im at&t and if it goes to vrizon then i dont think i willl be with blackberry that much longer because im going for the iphone

16. gill-Acce unregistered

whats the clamourin' all about?? the thing that worries me most is when will the i-phone be released in the philippines.you're all fortunate that it is the It phone in your countries..well in here, we are just settlin for smuggled or unlocked i phones.. we really would apppreciate if it would be released in our country via our two telecom giants Globe telecom and smart communications..pls pls pls.....

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