BlackBerry 9000 brings new interface

BlackBerry 9000 brings new interface
The successor of the 8800, the 9000 evolves the design, but is a real revolution software-wise. It runs on similar, yet much different software with animations.

EngadgetMobile got exclusive images of the new RIM BlackBerry 9000. This is the successor of the 8800 (and the 8700) and as it can be seen from the comparison picture, evolves the design language. What is more interesting though, is the software. The videos, the lucky insider managed to capture, point out BlackBerry phones will get a new contemporary look of their user interface, with animations and cool looking icons. Though obviously consumer oriented, we may hope to see some better multimedia implementation in these otherwise business phones.

There is no solid information about the specifications of the phone, but you may take a look at the preliminary specs we’ve published.

RIM BlackBerry 9000 Preliminary Specifications

source: EngadgetMobile



1. unregistered


2. blackberry101 unregistered

i prefer the look the look of the 8830

3. I.LoVE.QWERTY.u unregistered

Doesn't look all that great. A black and glossy Curve would be pretty damn sexy.

4. Hefavitzen unregistered

I think it looks GREAT!!! I'd buy one in a heartbeat.

5. pro-paYne unregistered

I hope they make a CDMA version for sprint

6. go blackberry unregistered

hmm looks like a verizon version of the curve cause look at the backgraound on the screen if you look thats the same background on the lg voyager and i know its lg not blackberry but thats an idea

7. unregistered

Its not vzw's curve, their version looks exactly the same as the curve on the far left

8. steviecrackberry unregistered

Def not VZW Curve. VZW will prob get this phone in a yr or 2 I'm thinking being the Curve has been out 7 month and VZW still doesn't have it? I think VZW just got the Pearl and that been out almost 1yr-1yr 1/2!

9. Ben unregistered

just to let you know that is a standard blackberry pic. It came preloaded on my Pearl from sprint, so don't get your hopes up

10. Senior unregistered

Blackberry Curve 8330 will be released on vzw in april. Pic shown of curve is not the 8330 for vzw. 9000 is not bad, still prefer the 8830.

11. Miller2go unregistered

I will purchase the BB Cure in a heart beat. Hoping for the black glossy Cure.

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