Will the next Moto Mods come from these concepts displayed at Motorola's Hackathons? (VIDEO)

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Motorola is always on the look out for the next hot-selling modular Moto Mod accessory for the Moto Z line. Among the current Moto Mods available are ones that add battery life, turn the phone into a projector, enhance the audio capabilities of a Moto Z handset and more. Unlike LG, whose attempt to produce a modular platform fell flat with the LG G5, Motorola has hit on a winning formula and plans on continuing to offer Moto Mods on future devices.

Of course, it will take the creation of new Moto Mods to keep the public engaged. To that end, Motorola recently held a couple of "Hackathons" (one in Buenos Aires and the other in San Francisco). Using the Mod Development Kit and help from Motorola, teams of developers were able to bring their Moto Mods to life and show them off to peers and Motorola executives. Some of the better concepts are being crowdfunded at Indiegogo at the "Transform the smartphone challenge."

Meanwhile, some of the best Moto Mod creations presented at the recent Hackathons include "Baby Care." This Moto Mod concept sends out an alert when a particular room has conditions that are not good for a baby. For example, you will be alerted if the temperature in a room is too hot or too cold for an infant to stay in. "Moto Color" is a concept Moto Mod for those who cannot distinguish between different colors. In one version, a sound is emitted from the Moto Mod when it sees the colors red, blue or green. Another version has the intensity of the sound increase depending on the color being examined.

A solar-powered battery charging Moto Mod concept was also among the top creations. The product can fully charge a battery to 100% in 10 hours. Another highly regarded Moto Mod concept turns a Moto Z into a glucometer allowing diabetics to test their blood sugar. And the ModCoholic Moto Mod concept turns the Moto Z into a breathalyzer. If you breathe into the device and the modular accessory detects that you are over the legal limit, it will give you the option to call a cab.

The next Hackathon takes place next month in Shenzhen, China. Teams producing the best concepts will be invited to show them off at Motorola's Chicago headquarters and will learn how to bring their concepts to the marketplace.

source: Motorola

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