Will the iPad become bigger?

Will the iPad become bigger?
If you are in the market for a tablet and money is no concern, odds are, you have been eyeing at least one iPad model out there. And if you are interested in a high-end device, the sentiment is almost invariably that bigger is better… in the world of technology at least.

Well, this is partially true - the bigger the iPad, the more screen real estate for Apple’s productivity features. This is why the 12.9” iPad Pro is probably one of the best devices for power users, barring the steep price point. But how big can an iPad be? Will we go beyond the current maximum and should you wait for that to happen?

To answer the first question, in all likelihood, the iPad will become bigger rather soon. Whether the bump in size will be all that significant is another matter entirely. In the following paragraphs, we will look at what Apple has in store for us in the immediate future when it comes to its bigger iPads.

The iPad Pro

Currently, the biggest an iPad can get is 12.9”. This is the screen size of Apple’s larger iPad Pro. The latter received a (minor) update in 2022, and is now powered by the blazingly fast M2 chipset. Coincidently, this is also the iPad that packs the biggest punch overall, with its ProMotion 120Hz mini-LED display and plethora of other impressive specs.

However, unless you need an iPad asap, you should probably not buy it. The iPad Pro 2022 is a modest improvement over its already excellent predecessor. Furthermore, just next year, we will receive one of the biggest revamps of the iPad Pro since the line’s inception.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, 2023 will be a very dull year for the iPad. However, in 2024, the iPad Pro will receive an M3 chipset (with a brand new architecture), a new design and… an OLED display. This will make the iPad Pro 2024 vastly superior to the current model.

Additionally, according to Ross Young, a prominent display industry insider, the iPad Pro 2024 will be slightly bigger than its predecessor, going up to 13”. This, coupled with the slimmer bezels and the horizontal orientation, could drastically alter the footprint of the display.

In short, you can expect a rather impressive 13” OLED iPad Pro from Apple in 2024, alongside a 11.1” version. If you cannot wait, the M1 12.9” iPad Pro, which can easily still be found at a discount, probably offers the best value to money at the moment.

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It should be noted that 13” could be just the beginning. According to rumors, Apple could have even bigger iPad on the horizon.

The 14-inch iPad

Based on most reports, the Cupertino company is developing a massive 14-inch iPad, with a display of 14.1” to be precise. While initially expected to make its debut in 2023, the gargantuan tablet has reportedly been pushed back, according to Ross Young.

This does not necessarily mean that the project has been canceled altogether, as Mark Gurman notes that Apple is exploring the idea of bigger iPads down the road. Still, it could be years before Apple launches a 13”+ iPad.

Furthermore, there have been many conflicting reports on the characteristics of the prospective massive iPad, most of which surrounding the display. It is still not entirely certain what type of panel Apple wants to use. On multiple occasions, analysts have predicted that the device would feature either LCD, mini-LED, and even an OLED display.

This is very important as the display technology will determine a number of things, including the target audience and the price point. An OLED / mini-LED 14-inch iPad will be geared towards high-end consumers and will likely be very expensive.

Alternatively, a 14” LCD iPad could be an ideal smart display, with a focus on home connectivity (a market that Apple is ostensibly interested in entering). Such a device would have a significantly lower price point.

Foldable iPad

Lastly, there are also rumors (courtesy of prominent Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo) of a potential foldable iPad that could launch sometime in 2025. The device would have the form factor of an iPad mini when folded, but will not replace Apple’s smallest iPad lineup.

A foldable iPad is still a long way off, but such a device could also easily surpass the size of the current iPad Pro 12.9” when unfolded. It would also be ridiculously expensive.

Nevertheless, both of the aforementioned devices are still in the realm of speculation. For the time being, it looks possible that 13” will remain the maximum for quite a while.

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