Wi-Fi connectivity in phones becoming more popular

Wi-Fi connectivity in phones becoming more popular
In only the last few years, the wireless industry has seen a boom in Wi-Fi connectivity included on some smart phones.  With 3G making its infrastructure establishment through major carriers, Wi-Fi still continues to be a major player in wireless use. According to a study conducted by ABI research, 75 percent of people who have Wi-Fi on their phone actually use it. Additionally, more than half of the iPhone traffic is going through Wi-Fi. Although it’s still not a standard component on all phones, more smart phones are seeing the advantage of it for heavy download use. The other great thing is that it alleviates a lot of stress off of data networks. Soon we’ll probably start seeing 4G take its place as the supreme data network. Looking into some of the other numbers about Wi-Fi that ABI research released, it’s a safe bet to see usage increase in the upcoming years. They predict that 90 percent of smart phones will have Wi-Fi available by 2014 when compared to 44 percent currently.

via Computerworld

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