Whoops! Archos CEO doesn't understand "water resistant", kills phone during demo

Whoops! Archos CEO doesn't understand "water resistant", kills phone during demo
One of the more important things to learn in this new age of more water protected smartphones is the difference between "water resistant" and "waterproof", even if you don't bother learning the specific differences in IP ratings. That is a lesson that Archos CEO Loic Poirier learned the hard way while trying to demonstrate the water protection found on the Quechua 5'' Phone.

Poirier apparently didn't read the documentation on the Quechua phone before trying to do the demo. The device is rated for the IP54 standard, meaning that it is protected against "splattering with water". Poirier obviously thought that the device was fully waterproof, because he put it into a glass container, then proceeded to fill that container with water from the tap until the device was fully submerged. Not surprisingly, the handset was completely dead when Poirier took it out to finish the demo. Whoops! 

The Quechua brand is known in France for being designed for the outdoorsy type, popular with hikers, bikers, and other mountain folk. The Archos website says the device is rated at IP54 and designed to "withstand the most demanding outdoor conditions", which does not include going for a swim. 


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