White-backed Dell Streak a Best Buy exclusive

White-backed Dell Streak a Best Buy exclusive
Now that the HTC EVO 4G in white is no longer exclusive to Best Buy, the big box retailer had to come up with a replacement model that it could say is an exclusive to Best Buy. After what we assume was more than a minute of thought , the 5 inch Android phone tablet known as the Dell Streak has become the new poster boy for Best Buy exclusives.

While the Dell Streak with a white back is available only from Best Buy, not every store has the unit in stock as some shipments are still on the road. If your local Best Buy is out of stock, instead of hopping on a plane and flying to an out of state location of the big box retailer (Hey, we have heard of people doing even crazier things than that), you can reserve your phone or even pay for it online. And it even comes with a free alabaster case.

source: StreakSmart

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