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Which quality are you looking for most in a mobile display?


There are undoubtedly many aspects of what constitutes a decent mobile display, and even more of what actually makes a great one. Starting with the obvious, like outdoor visibility and color reproduction, we can also list more obscure qualities like power draw efficiency and good vertical viewing angles amongst the sought-after characteristics of a mobile screen.

When it comes to personal preferences, however, we arrive at murkier waters. While manufacturers keep racing the pixel density clock with the power-thirsty Quad HD monsters of late, the average user might be well-off with a 720p panel even. When it comes to color presentation, some find the gaudy hues of most Samsung AMOLED panels "vivid", others sniff at the slightest aberration from the standard RGB gamut, while most don't really lose any sleep over it. On the other hand, we can seemingly all rally around the demands that our phone panels sport decent outdoor visibility, and are frugal with power consumption, as screens are the chief culprit for battery drain, too.

That is why we wanted to ask you which of the mobile screen qualities listed below is the one you are looking for most in a phone or tablet, if you have to pick them based mainly on the display characteristics. We are deliberately skipping the "all of the above" option here, as it will most likely skew the results completely, wouldn't it? Check your mark in the poll, and argue your preference in the comments.

Which of these qualities are you looking for most in a mobile display?

High pixel density
Good outdoor visibility
Accurate color reproduction
Wide viewing angles
Power efficiency
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