Which products are most popular amongst Apple users?

Which products are most popular amongst Apple users?
It is hardly a secret that Apple is very good at inspiring a cult-like following. One of the main reasons for this tendency is just how refined the Apple ecosystem is. While some might view it more as a prison, it cannot be denied that it is a beautiful one.

Perhaps that is why users never stick with just one Apple device - they have to catch (or in this case own) them all. But have you ever wondered which of the Cupertino company’s products is the most popular amongst Apple customers? This is precisely the subject of a recent report from the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP).

Well, admittedly, you do not need a whole survey to give a definitive answer to the aforementioned question. Obviously, the iPhone reigns supreme. Nevertheless, it is interesting to mention just how big its margin is. According to the source, nearly 9 out 10 Apple consumers own an iPhone (88% to be precise).

The second most-popular gadget is the iPad, with a rather impressive 73% share. In light of the fact that Apple’s tablet sales have somewhat started to stagnate, this is a very respectable figure.

The third place in the survey goes to the Apple Watch. More than half of all Apple users own an Apple Watch (i.e. 58%). This once again makes a lot of sense - the Apple Watch and the iPhone are the perfect duo after all. It should also be noted that last year, another report indicated that a record number of iPhone users owned an Apple wearable.

The least-popular Apple product seems to be the one the company initially became famous for - namely, the Mac. Apparently, just half of all Apple users own a Mac device (this includes both desktops and laptops). While this might not be entirely surprising, it is still strange that the Mac is now Apple’s least popular product.

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