What your smartphone says about you: the "deeper" meaning behind the brands!

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what your phone says about you
You might not realize it, but smartphones are more than just a handy device that lets us browse the internet from anywhere and make calls. They are small windows to our souls, revealing secrets about our inner workings we didn’t even know ourselves. If this revelation shocks you, then just wait until you see what your rectangular companion has been broadcasting to the world this entire time! We compiled a short roundup of brands to let you decipher yourself and your friends, based purely on the individual’s smartphone. Just don't grab your pitchforks before you've reached the end of the article.

An iPhone

When you look at yourself in the mirror, you’re pleased with what you see. You’re exactly the person you want to be and even your flaws are actually making you better. No one is perfect after all, but you’re as close as it gets. When a friend tells you how they feel about something, you sacrifice part of your precious time to correct them and explain how they really feel about it. They, of course, are grateful for that. After all, they have the honor of being your friend. Being so close to ideal means you don’t really have to work as much to get things, they’re pretty much handed to you by default. In short, you’re living the life!

A Samsung phone

You grew up in a rich family and whatever problems you faced in your life were often solved by throwing money at them. You want to have it all and you’re not shy from using your backing to gain an advantage here and there. Your attention is often divided between multiple projects and not everything works out the way you planned. There are things in your past you hope to forget, but someone always finds a way to rub them in your face. Despite your mishaps, the strong support from your family keeps you moving forward, stepping over anyone that gets in your way.

A Sony phone 

You don’t like change. When you find something you like, you stick with it no matter what! You find beauty where others fail to see it and you don’t care if your choices are unconventional. Loyalty is important to you even when your needs are often disregarded by those whom you admire. You lack the confidence that will help you get out of your shell and achieve the goals that will bring you happiness and pride. Your parents often call you and say “When will you be like your brother, look how successful he is! We can’t keep lending you money forever, put your life in order!” which does more to discourage you from trying than motivating you to push harder.

An LG phone

You often feel like you’re running in circles, failing to make any progress with your life’s endeavors. You were trying to break the cycle by experimenting with different things but to no avail. You desperately want to be associated with the cool crowd but fail miserably, which only makes you want it more, so you keep doubling down on your efforts. That was until one day you realized that you need to like yourself first before you can expect other people to like you, so chose the path of self-improvement. You have a long journey ahead of you, but your will is strong.

A OnePlus phone

You’re young, but you have big ambitions and are hoping for a bright future. People often befriend you thanks to your natural charisma and no-nonsense approach to life. You don’t insist on everyone liking you, as long as those who do are worthy to be your mates. You have a natural gift for sports and achieve top results with half the effort others are putting in. You like to put your own twist on things while staying true to your core beliefs and so far that’s worked for you beautifully.

A Huawei phone

People in town always looked at you as an outsider and anything you achieved was accepted with suspicion, tainting your success. You spent years trying to change people’s perception of you and when you finally started gaining the respect of your peers, your past came to haunt you, nearly undoing what you achieved with so much work. The opinion of the townsfolk is not what matters to you most, however, for there are other places where you can start fresh, with a new image and be more successful than they ever will.

A Motorola phone

You don't really care what other people think about you since you don't care much about them either. When you're about to go out, you pick whatever clothing feels comfortable, not paying much attention to how different pieces of your outfit work together. You change jobs often, which prevents you from having a stable social circle, but that's fine since you avoid interacting with people anyway. As a result, you're often forgotten around holidays, receiving calls only from a couple of close friends and your mom. Birthday messages on your Facebook wall are only from those that send one to everyone they get notified about. It doesn't matter, though, because you're happy with your life just the way it is.

A BlackBerry phone

Let's face it, you're a workaholic. On a daily basis, you communicate more via emails than you do using words coming out of your own mouth. You spend so much time in the office, you fail to notice what's happening around you. When someone tells you "let's hang out and have fun" you assume they've come up with a new macro for Excel that they're really excited to show you, only to face disappointment when you see bottles of beer and snacks once you get there. Luckily, you have your office in your pocket, so you can return to your natural habitat despite the socializing that surrounds you.

A Xiaomi phone

Your humble upbringing taught you one valuable lesson: to get the things you want in life, you have to work and work hard. You started from nothing, but your relentless efforts eventually started paying off. You’re not always sure what to do, but you know where to look for inspiration, and you quickly get your eyes back on the prize. You don’t have excess in your life. That’s for vain people. Your spartan way of life is what brought you success and that’s what you’re sticking to. However, even your practical mind sometimes succumbs to the lure of luxury, allowing you to pamper yourself once in a while.

If you found that the description that came along with the brand of your smartphone was accurate, then, honestly, we’re quite shocked. Of course, this piece is meant as a distraction from the endless stream of news. Any actual deeper meaning you might think it has was completely unintentional. We hope you enjoyed it, now back to looking at leaked images!

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