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What version of Android are you on?

What version of Android are you on?
So, the distribution speed for every new major Android build has always been the punchline for a now tired (though, still relevant) joke. Today, Android's most recent distribution stats have been posted and they show that the newest build, Android 7 Nougat which was officially released at the end of last year is only installed on about 11% of devices. Most of the devices out there (32%) rock the 2-year-old Android 6 Marshmallow build, but there are almost as many (30%) on the 3-year-old Lollipop.

Still, this does take into account absolutely every Android device on the planet which gets turned on occasionally. This means your “backup” tablet that always stays near the water closet, the 3rd party car stereos that rock the mobile operating system, the smart fridges and whatnot. So, taking that statistic at face value to point only at smartphones and only at daily drivers is a bit naive.

It's that line of thinking that led us to wonder — what Android are you guys “stuck” on? We are talking daily driver, main phone here. Not your tablet or your little sister's backup. Let's hear it!

What version of Android are you on?

7 Nougat
6 Marshmallow
5 Lollipop
4.4 Kit Kat
4.1 - 4.3 Jelly Bean
4 Ice Cream Sandwich
2 Gingerbread
I don't know... something ancient
3 Honeycomb. What? I use my tablet as my daily driver...
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