What to do when your phone gets wet

What to do when your phone gets wet
Seeing your phone dunked in a pool, toilet bowl, glass of beer or even washed with your jeans - many owners have been there. Samsung Pakistan outed a pretty funny picture where to place your phone when it gets wet, and we are chiming in with some additional advice courtesy of wikiHow to complement it:

  1. First off, get the phone out from its baptizing ceremony as soon as possible, and immediately take out the battery to prevent short-circuiting, as well as your SIM card, if any, to avoid losing your contacts - the longer it stays, the more eventual damage it will get.

  2. Check your water damage sensor for change of color - it is a white dot or square near the battery compartment in the corner - if it has changed color towards red, then your water damage has already voided your warranty and often your insurance, so whatever you do to resuscitate the phone from there is your responsibility.

  3. Pray it is not saltwater, but the drinkable type, as salt crust can form on the delicate innards of the device. If it is saltwater, gently rinse with fresh after you've taken out the battery and SIM, and before the drying procedure has begun.

  4. Wipe the phone everywhere with a cloth or a paper towel, trying not to move or shake it too much, as water might be spreading within the innards.

  5. Try and "vacuum" around the phone all around to suck out the excessive moisture for a few minutes, then leave it in warm air circulation for a few hours, if possible.

  6. Finally, put the phone in a jar or a pouch full of raw rice for the remainder of the at least 24 hours during which the handset can't be switched on, as rice is very water-absorbent and will help save your handset.

    Turn the handset on after that twenty-four hour period, and hope it will power up and there will be no residual damage from corrosion or short-circuiting. If it works on a charger, but not on a battery, then feel free to swap the fried juicer.

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