Wesley Snipes prison epiphany: game developer

Wesley Snipes prison epiphany: game developer
If in times long forgotten famous prisoners who fell from grace used their countless lonely hours to dig tunnels with a spoon, now they are developing games for the hottest platforms. Wesley Snipes is serving a three year jail time for tax evasion, but he is already thinking how to recuperate the costs of his imprisonment.

Julius Styles: The International is the title of the game, which will be out in June for iOS, Android, Xbox and Playstation. The Julius Styles character will be, of course, played by Mr Snipes himself in a feature film, after he is released from prison for good behavior making games. He describes the plot as “something for both the mind game strategist and the kick-ass special ops warrior.”, so it will be an action/adventure type of thing - the game cover looks rather James Bond-ish.

The man surely has his finger on the pulse of things from prison, so hat tip to the lead actor in "Blade" - if the game is priced at iPhone levels, we'd gladly take it for a spin just because.

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2. theGodpapa

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free wesley....he got convicted of offenses that were NOT tax evading....and they were misdemeanors. He should have gotten probration TOPS...but the judge is a typical racist napolean complexed scumbag who threw the book at him and gave him the max penalty under the law for first time offenders. free wesley...and support him by buying the game.

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