We’re at Google I/O 2017!


It is time to dive right back into the mix of it, the heart of Silicon Valley. Google’s developer conference begins tomorrow, and again, the Shoreline Amphitheatre is the chosen venue. Last year, the weather was unseasonably warm for the South San Francisco Bay. This year, after a winter of heavy, heavy rains across Northern California, the weather is looking to be much more agreeable, sunny days with light winds and high temperatures in the low-to-mid 70s F (low 20s C). We know, you wish you were here.

Google’s decision to move the conference to a larger, outdoor venue was not universally praised at the time. Many of the post-Keynote session areas were found to be too small. A lot of people could not attend areas of interest due to a simple lack of space (and shade). Some figured it was a simple miscalculation given the larger attendance. Despite those difficulties, no one could complain about the fresh air – a nice benefit from not being in midtown.

We could not see everything that was being set up, but from what we could see (from behind the fence), crews were putting the final touches on what appeared to be a much better prepared event. There appears to be a lot more set-up to get things done – larger tents, and an overall better use of space. Of course, we will not really know until we get a lay of the land.

Everything starts tomorrow, May 17th. We will bring you liveblog coverage of the Day 1 Keynote, as well as all the news that will come from it – be it whatever is new in Android, Chrome, Google Play, AR and VR, and the mobile web in general. Check in with us tomorrow morning, we will begin liveblogging at least 30 minutes prior to Keynote address (to begin at 10:00am Pacific) at Google I/O 2017!

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