WebOS and Windows Mobile still in the loop of getting Skype?

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WebOS and Windows Mobile still in the loop of getting Skype?
Both Android and BlackBerry owners who are on Verizon Wireless are starting to get their fill of Skype, but long time Windows Mobile users are still feeling a bit left out since their version was pulled out from Skype's web site a few weeks ago. All fingers of course pointed to Big Red who played a major role in axing the support for the long time mobile platform, but there is still a shred of hope that it may come back soon. Even though some may argue about Skype's reasoning behind ending support for Windows Mobile was a bit harsh, a recent internal memo hints to an eventual return for Windows Mobile and a new endeavor for WebOS. We'd imagine that there are still a number of Windows Mobile users in Big Red's circle that would adore seeing an app, but it would also be equally nice for WebOS users as well to get into the mix of things. It makes more sense to offer support for the app to the platforms with the largest installed base – which undeniably would be Android and Blackberry. Luckily for Windows Mobile, they still might be the next in line to see the Skype app come back to the platform while WebOS might wait some time – that's unless the recent price drops have really attracted customers in purchasing the handsets.

source: PreCentral via wmpoweruser



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