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WatchOS 7 will add a kid mode to the Apple Watch

WatchOS 7 will add a kid mode to the Apple Watch
Does your kid want an Apple Watch? Of course they do, it’s a beautiful piece of design and technology! The problem is that watchOS isn’t exactly kid-friendly, and most of the features haven't been designed with your little one in mind. Apple is finally planning to fix this with a set of features in the upcoming watchOS 7, meant to deliver a better experience for kids wearing the device, 9to5Mac reports.

One of the big changes will allow multiple Apple Watch accounts to be actively connected to one iPhone’s Apple ID. This eliminates the need for a separate iPhone for the kid and allows parents to manage multiple Apple Watches from their own phone. Activity tracking will also be modified to accommodate the younger audience.

Normally, the outer activity ring tracks calories expended during the day. And because children have very different calorie intake and they burn them at a different rate, Apple has decided to change the metrics on that red ring. When the watch is worn by a kid, the outer ring will show move activity with a default goal of 90 minutes. Kids will get rewarded for staying active and engaging in sports activities, instead of spending their time on the couch, playing games.

Managing your kid’s watch will also include the option to limit certain app usage during school hours, for example, or late at night. All these new features will make the Apple Watch better suited for the young, and let’s hope that by the time watchOS 7 arrives sometime in September, all the COVID-19 issues will be a thing of the past. Otherwise, kids will have to follow the WHO’s latest guidelines and play games at home, with or without an Apple Watch.

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