Watch the Apple iPhone evolve before your eyes

Watch the Apple iPhone evolve before your eyes
Regardless of whether you are a fan of the Apple iPhone or not, you still have to admit that the landscape for smartphones changed on January 9th 2007. That date, at MacWorld, Steve Jobs unveiled the original Apple iPhone. The handset was delivered on June 29th, and the smartphone industry was never the same again.

Those who were quick to recognize the change were rewarded, while companies that were too stubborn to adapt to the new touch screen era, were left behind. Even a company associated with a physical QWERTY like BlackBerry, released an all-touch smartphone a little more than a year later.

What brings up the OG iPhone is the recently released 4.7 inch Apple iPhone 6. The GIF below shows the changes from in the iPhone from the very first model to the just released iPhone 6. Besides the obvious changes in screen size, the iPhone went on a pretty impressive diet through the years, as it dropped from 11.6mm thick to the 6.9mm thickness seen on the latest iteration of Apple's iconic smartphone.

source: via BGR

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