New ad for Apple Pay shows how quickly you can send money using a text message

If you own an Apple iPhone, you probably already know that you can send someone money via Apple Pay by sending them a text message in Messages, or by asking Siri to deliver some cash. And the cards already loaded into your Apple Wallet can be employed to make this payment. When you receive money, it will go straight into the Apple Pay Cash card that lives in your Apple Wallet. Once cash hits the card, you can use it right away to make a purchase using Apple Pay.

To remind everyone of this feature, Apple has created a 15 second ad called "Rent." All we see in this spot is the screen for the Messages app on an iPhone. A text comes in from the iPhone owner's landlord, reminding him that the rent is due. "What's the magic word?," jokes the renter. "Eviction," replies the landlord who is either also joking, or is deadly serious. Either way, it is enough for the renter to quickly send $700 to the landlord by using a text message. The ad's tag line says it all; "Just Text Them The Money."

The small print says that sequences have been shortened for the ad, so don't expect the entire process to run as fast in real life. You're bound to see this spot on television soon, but just in case, click on the video at the top of this story.

source: Apple



1. Vokilam

Posts: 1282; Member since: Mar 15, 2018

Huge fan of this iMessage payment feature. I have been using this since i got the iPX. Here's my experience. 1. I have sent money up to $500 (so far) to my employees - no problem. 2. I have received money from $150 to just over $4,000 from clients - no problem at all. 3. Money does not automatically transfer to your bank account associated with Apple Pay Cash, it sits as a balance on your Apple Cash card (which I found out is a Discover backed card). 4. You have to manual transfer the money (amount or all) to your bank account. It does require you to dig into Apple Pay settings - using the Settings App to do that (apple needs to change that to be more easier either thru iMessage when money is recieved or thru the actually Apple Pay screen that's accessible with double tap on home/power button). 5. The good news is if transferred to your bank account early in the day, the money sometimes is available the same day (even though it says 2-3 days) - I had never had to wait more than next day no matter how big the amount. 6. Bad news, even if Apple Pay is accepted in XYZ store, if they dont take Discover Card - you cannot use Apple Pay Cash balance that you received via iMessage (you have to transfer and wait till it clears same day or next day, to use from your bank account). In my experience only a few, very few, places take Discover where I live. 7. So far, using it all this time did NOT cost me any money!!! Not a penny! I do still use it to pay friends and receive money once or twice a week for several months now. It is an awesome feature. I dont mind the transfer wait times (same day or next), but they gotta do something about having Apple Pay Cash to be accepted by more than those that accept Discover - that's the part that sucks. Hope it helps.

3. tiz_meh

Posts: 78; Member since: Aug 11, 2017

Don't forget 3% fee if using credit card nice feature.

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