Want a specific app to be released for Windows Phone? There is an (unofficial) request page for that

Want a specific app to be released for Windows Phone? There is an (unofficial) request page for that
We know that we are saying it for the hundredth time, but Windows Phone is actually a very nice mobile platform. In terms of software availability, however, it is lagging way behind the behemoths that iOS and Android already are. Of course, switching platforms is always an option if you want a better app variety, but if you prefer sticking to Windows Phone, here is something that you should check out.

There is a service called UserVoice. With its help, anyone can create a web page that collects user opinions or feedback on a given topic. And sure enough, a Windows Phone Marketplace Requests page has already popped up there, launched by Microsoft MVP Scott Dorman. Anyone who wants a particular application to be released for Windows Phone can simply post a request there. Currently, the most popular request is a Facebook application, but an Instagram app is not far behind in terms of votes. Releasing a Skype client is currently the third most popular request, and we are happy to say that it should be not that far from launching.

Of course, we have to emphasize on the fact that the page for Windows Phone app requests is not affiliated with Microsoft, so don't expect your wish to be fulfilled overnight. On the other hand, casting your vote might be a good way to get the developers' attention.


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