Walmart to sell Apple iPhone 5 for $127 starting December 17th

The conditions of the deal/s may have changed since the initial publishing of this post.
Walmart to sell Apple iPhone 5 for $127 starting December 17th
Topping recent deals for the Apple iPhone 5 from Best Buy and Radio Shack, Walmart is planning on cutting its price for the Apple iPhone 5 to $127. But hold on, put your car keys down. The deal isn't set to start until December 17th. And it isn't just the Apple iPhone 5 being discounted either. For just $47 you will be able to purchase the Apple iPhone 4S and the third-generation Apple iPad will be priced at $399. Of course, you will need to affix your signature to a two-year contract for the handsets.

Walmart's pricing undercuts the Best Buy and Radio Shack deals by $23. Even Tar-jay Target is getting into the game with a discounted Apple iPhone 4S for Virgin Mobile. Starting December 16th, the price of the 16GB model will be cut from $499.99 to $399.99. That is an off-contract price, of course.

It seems that when it comes to getting a great discount on Apple products this holiday season, if you're patient, the deals will come to you.

source: Slashgear

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