Wall Street Journal: T-Mobile to announce Android-based phone on September 23rd

Wall Street Journal: T-Mobile to announce Android-based phone on September 23rd
Those eager about the launch of Android shouldn't have to wait much longer for a corresponding device to hit the market, as the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the company is set to announce the first phone with the operating system on September 23rd. Rumored to ship in late October, the launch will mark T-Mobile as the first US carrier with the device. Pricing has not been determined as of yet, however HTC expects to ship between 600,000 and 700,000 devices in 2008, rivaling other major competitors such as Apple's iPhone and Samsung's Instinct. The phone is expected to have a large touch screen, a full keyboard, and a navigational trackball.

On the record, the parties are remaining relatively quiet about the upcoming device. HTC confirmed that it would ship its first Android-baseddevice later this year, and Google and T-Mobile representatives declined tocomment.

Update: T-Mobile has confirmed that it will announce the first Android-based phone at an event in New York City on September 23rd.

Source: Wall Street Journal and Phone Scoop



1. unregistered

sweet. hope its a touch smartphone

2. rj04 unregistered

600,000 to 700,000 is really ambitious. If it's anything like the pics floating around selling that many in that amount of time could prove impossible. Especially since it is on the smallest of the large networks.

3. unregistered

it will be on VZW before Christmas, I am using it right now and I am a VZW business rep.

4. Whatever haters unregistered

Lies lies you are all haters! T-Mobiles networks only lacks in competition in g3 and that is gap is getting smaller every week. This phone will sell by the 100,000's. Have you seen the videos? the apps? Please, And VZW B Rep, keep on acting like you know because that makes feel important, but you don't arn't and you don't have a google decive unless you are talking about your computer. If YOU did so would everyone else (on youtube). Wait in line like everyone else. "T's up"

5. unregistered

Wow, calm down. T-mobile is behind the curve in many aspects. Hopefully, they will get better. Until then, live with it.

6. unregistered

i agree vzw would not use it because they wanna use there own crappy ui

7. some guy unregistered

Verizon just announced a big partnership with Google...so its pretty obvious we'll have Android phones, most likely sooner than later too

8. unregistered

hey #3 cut the crap because you dont have the phone and I know that when the phone does hit the stores #2 Tmobile will sell all of them just because T mobile isnt coming out with new phones everyday doesnt mean much at all because they still have a huge base of customers!!!

9. clothes sale unregistered

thanks for posting. Great article.

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