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Wait times for Amazon's Mayday service on the Kindle Fire HDX tablets were as low as just 9 seconds on Christmas day

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Wait times for Amazon's Mayday service on the Kindle Fire HDX tablets were as low as just 9 seconds on Christmas day
Amazon's refreshed Kindle Fire HDX 7 and HDX 8.9 tablets made their official entry into the market back in September, a market that is rapidly turning into a dog-eats-dog type deal. Margins have been going down in the race to the bottom, yet, miraculously, Amazon has kept a steady hand. The two slates pack some of the most powerful internals one can find in a tablet nowadays – a 2.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800, along with 2GB of RAM and super-crisp displays.

But, it's the special 'Mayday' software feature that both slates pack that is really forcing us to reconsider the notion of value for money. Mayday is a 24/7 remote helpline, available to all HDX tablet owners, that will instantly bridge a video connection with an Amazon tech rep. Said reps offer help with pretty much everything related to your tablet, and can even draw on your interface to better direct you, or altogether take full remote control of the device. Pretty awesome, no? Anyway, upon release, the e-tail giant promised that response times will be kept under the downright amazing 15-seconds threshold, and if the company's latest press release is to be trusted, the company sure delivered. According to Amazon, busy (or lax, depending on the perspective) periods, such as on Christmas day, were handled with enviable efficiency – Mayday calls were picked up in just 9 seconds on average:

With reports claiming that Amazon unloaded over 400 items per second during the holiday season, it's only natural to see the Kindle Fire HDX tablets sell like hotcakes. That, in turn, makes Amazon's achievement all the more impressive. Seeing as this is still a unique feature, one could see how a bunch of comical scenarios could play out. According to Amazon, a young girl using their tablet accidentally clicked the Mayday button and screamed in horror once a tech advisor popped onto her screen. This being Christmas day we're talking about, a bunch of carolers called in and sang to the team, spreading some holiday cheer. For these and a few more stories, check out the full press release right below.

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