Vlingo 2.0 for the iPhone expands on its voice recognition services

Vlingo 2.0 for the iPhone expands on its voice recognition services
Some people aren't quite adjusted in using the iPhone's on-screen QWERTY keyboard; even despite having to deal with it for an extended amount of time. If typing isn't you're kind of thing, then you should check out Vlingo 2.0 for the iPhone that takes the burden off your fingers and places it in your voice. Utilizing its voice recognition technology, the app simply allows user to literally say or speak their messages as opposed to typing them. Now what sets Vlingo 2.0 apart from its competitors is its flexibility in working on apps outside of the core text messaging and email clients on the platform. The increased functionality allows you to search via your specific search provider (Google, Yahoo, or Bing), find specific locations on a map, dial your contacts, and update a myriad of social networking statuses. The base application is free on the App Store, but you'll have two in-app choices to extend its usability - $6.99 for just having SMS or email separately; or a mere $9.99 for both. Whichever way you decide to go, now you won't have to live with fumbling on the iPhone's on-screen keyboard – but we're sure there will be times when you'll have to rely on it.

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1. DonkeyPunched

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Awesomeeeee I love Vlingo. Maybe they will make it for the iPad?

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