Vivo looking to one-up the iPhone 6 with its own $650 sapphire flagship

Vivo looking to one-up the iPhone 6 with its own $650 sapphire flagship
Apple is widely expected to out an iPhone 6 or two, with displays made of sapphire glass. Well, the same goes for Vivo, it seems, as the maker of the world's first QHD handset is rumored to unleash another flagship beast soon, this time with metal frame, and sapphire tacked on the touchscreen for extra endurance. Knowing Vivo, the handset is very likely to be thin and elegant, stuffed to the gills with high-end audio processors, top-shelf camera and speakers.

It also won't come cheap, as that's the way Vivo rolls, but should be a sight to behold, as the rumors indicate a palm-friendly 5" screen size diagonal, too. The upcoming iPhone 6 is said to flaunt a 4.7" display, so the Vivo creation might be more or less considered a direct competitor for the hard-earned Chinese yuans of its main target market. Given that the source indicates a 3998 yuan price tag, which translates to about $650, the new sapphire-laden flagship from Vivo won't be racing to the bottom to beat Apple by price, either, like most other Chinese manufacturers do.

source: ePrice (Weibo) via G4Games


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