Virgin Mobile US now offering the Motorola Triumph

Virgin Mobile US now offering the Motorola Triumph
Virgin Mobile US has started offering the Motorola Triumph, a mid-range model that is perfect for those who don't like to get tied up with a two-year contract. Of course, that is the reason for using a pre-paid carrier in the first place, and for $299.99 off contract, you can pick up the Triumph. With an oddly sized 4.1 inch display, the handset is powered by Android 2.2 which might not be the latest Android build, but at least it will support Adobe Flash. And the single core 1GHz processor, while so 2010, will allow you to get things done quickly. A 5MP camera is on the rear and will capture video at 720p.

Virgin Mobile US is offering you unlimited texts and data with 300 minutes of talk for $35 a month. Raise the talk time to 1200 minutes and it will cost you $45 monthly. For $55 per month, the carrier will allow you to have unlimited text, data and talk.

Remember when the pre-paid carriers offered the phones that nobody wanted, with very few features? Now we are seeing a trend toward low to mid-range Android handsets that might not have the hottest specs, but are powerful enough to allow you to browse the web, download all the apps you can fit and take decent pictures.

source: VirginMobile via AndroidMobile

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