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Video taken with the iPad 2 appears online

Video taken with the iPad 2 appears online
UPDATED: The videos have been shot down now, we obviously have to wait for the official launch of the iPad 2, before samples of its camera capabilities are allowed.

An Italian Apple blog has taken short video with the iPad 2 while examining it after the unveiling presentation in London, and has emailed it to themselves to post online.

The quality is not bad, considering the dim lighting, but the video has been compressed in half to send via email and then quality further diminished after uploading to YouTube.

The image exhibits the typical for Apple high contrast, which people like in their mobile device cameras, but the white balance and exposure adjustments make the shot go from yellow tint to the real color every few seconds or so, almost similar to the yellowish tint we observe in some iPhone 4's indoor shots.

We'll know in two days what the HD 720p video outside looks like, although it's not very likely that you'll use the 1MP or so rear camera in that setting with a tablet.

source: Macity via Macstories

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