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Video shows how easy it is to connect the LG 360 CAM with the LG G5


The LG 360 CAM is an accessory that allows you to shoot 360 degree pictures and videos using two 13MP sensors. The images are sent to a microSD card nestled inside a slot inside the camera's base. From there, you can sent them to social media sites. LG has released a video showing how easy it is to use the 360 CAM with its new modular handset, the LG G5.

The number of steps required to sync a smartphone with other devices used to be eight, according to the video. But  with the use of the LG Friends Manager app, it takes only three steps. As an example, we see that hooking up the 360 CAM to the LG G5 is a snap. First, press the power button on the side of the accessory. Install the correct modular card, and press the shoot button on the front of the camera. In addition, pressing the power button on the side for about one second will put the 360 CAM into power saving mode. The front or side buttons can get you out of power savings mode with a single tap.

The LG Friends Manager app allows you to control the 360 CAM from your handset. And pictures you take can be sampled on your phone using the app. If you like what you see, the image can be sent to your pals, family and strangers. The LG G5 has a number of 'Friends,' including one that turns your phone into a digital point and shoot camera. You get an improved grip to use along with another 1200mAh of battery life taking that up to 4000mAh. And don't forget the Bang & Olufsen-designed DAC (Digital Analog Converter) "Friend." This improves the quality of the audio that comes out of the handset.
These are just a few of the LG G5's pals. You can check out some of them by clicking on the slideshow below. Meanwhile, you can view LG's video all about the 360 CAM and how to use it with the LG G5, by clicking on the clip at the top of this article.

The modular design of the LG G5 allows you to give it the features that you truly want and need. LG took a risk with this design, but did need something to differentiate its Android flagship with other manufacturers' high-end Android phones.

source: LG via AndroidCentral
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