Video shows grandmother falling for the old chocolate iPhone trick

Video shows grandmother falling for the old chocolate iPhone trick
Granny was getting agitated. One of her holiday gifts was in a box that showed the famous Apple logo, and read "iPhone". Yes, it was a box for the Apple iPhone 6. But grandma was having none of that new-fangled technology stuff. "You're kidding me," she says when she becomes aware of what is contained inside the box. "I'm not really equipped to handle this," she continues. Granny mentions that she has a landline, hinting that she really doesn't need a smartphone.

But the old lady keeps on unwrapping her "iPhone" until she slides it out of the wrapper. "Oh, one of these," she says, looking directly at her new "device." Her son tells her to put her brand new "iPhone" in her mouth. "I beg your pardon," she says. Take a look at the expression on her face. Now comes the moment when she realizes that the "device" in her hand is chocolate. "Oh thank god," she exclaims, with a huge sigh of relief.

Most of us probably would have the opposite reaction if we were expecting to open an iPhone for the holidays, and ended up with a piece of chocolate. Obviously, this is one senior citizen who would not be considered a prime marketing target by Apple. Hershey, on the other hand...

source: JordanGraham via RedmondPie


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