Verizon's new Group Communication tool allows customers to contact multiple people

Verizon's new Group Communication tool allows customers to contact multiple people
Don't you hate having to send the same exact information individually to friends, family, and colleagues? Sure you can send a mass text message or email, but how about if you want to do it over the phone? Luckily Verizon customers are now greeted to a neat new tool that removes that hassle and provides the flexibility of saving time by being able to contact people all at the same time. Verizon introduced the Group Communication tool which benefits families and even businesses by allowing them to contact up to 20 individuals at once either by text message, phone call, or voice message. There are two different options available with the first one only costing $5 per month and allows customers to include any Verizon Wireless phone number from any account and one non-Verizon account line. Businesses will of course prefer this tool as the second option would suit them and priced accordingly at $7 per month - it provides organizations seven different call groups which each one having the ability to contact 20 different lines; which can include land line, wireless, and even international ones. So if you find yourself having a sore throat after repeating the same thing to friends over and over again, you may want to check out Group Communication to lessen the strain.

source: Verizon via Phonescoop


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