Verizon's LTE SIM card spotted flashing its 4G logo

Verizon's LTE SIM card spotted flashing its 4G logo
Until now, the carrier's CDMA phones didn't require inserting a small piece of plastic with Verizon's logo on it to operate. Handsets were just made for Verizon's network and that's that. However, Verizon chose the Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology to usher its network into the fourth generation of data transfer speeds, which requires inserting a Subscriber Identity Module, or the so-called SIM card, into the 4G device.

It turns out that some of those are already floating around for the world to see how Verizon is changing. We still don't know if that would mean phones can be unlocked and used on other LTE networks, like most GSM phones can run on various GSM networks, but we can certainly dream of swapping LTE cards on an unlocked DROID 4G, for example. Have a look at Verizon's 4G LTE SIM card below and do tell if you think Verizon's lost its cool for you with that weird plastic thingy.

source: Engadget


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