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Verizon’s LG VX8560 and Samsung U440 pass FCC

Posted: , by Nanko R.

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Verizon’s LG VX8560 and Samsung U440 pass FCC
LG VX8560

LG VX8560

Yesterday, FCC approved two phones, whose model numbers hint that they are coming to Verizon Wireless. Unfortunately, nowadays it is hard to get any new information from such releases, and often, you cannot see anything, but the model number.

We’ve already known some facts for the LG VX8560, thanks to previously leaked information. It is a music-centric clamshell with a large audio control on the front and a landscape external display. The FCC gives one new fact – that it has an integrated FM transmitter, which is designed for streaming your music to a nearby stereo system (suitable for in-room or in-car usage).

LG VX8560 Preliminary Specifications

The second model is the Samsung SCH-U440. Although the FCC only reveals that it is a CDMA phone with Bluetooth, from the model number we know it is BREW capable, and BREW Samsung in the U.S. means, it is coming to Verizon. Also by judging from it, we guess it will be the successor of the U410, hence, it is a mid-level phone. However, FCC approved another similarly modeled phone (U430) and at the moment, it is unclear what the differences between the two will be. Logically, U440 will be with higher-end features.

source: FCC (VX8560, U440)

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:42

1. T-Money3000 (unregistered)


posted on 14 May 2008, 13:17

2. jrcrow (unregistered)

hehe..what a joke!..Vzw might get these phones but again good job vzw with crippling features..no wifi/keyboard/qwerty keyboard phones..hek if vzw had its way..they would only have a few features..customers pay for everything else.

posted on 14 May 2008, 13:55

3. (unregistered)

stop bein such a lil sore bitch, u mad cus u didnt pay ur bill and they cut ur service

posted on 14 May 2008, 14:42

4. (unregistered)

how does lack of a qwerty keyboard translate to verizon crippling phones? i don't see the connection seeing how that is a HARDWARE feature and verizon modifies the SOFTWARE, LG and Samsung handle the hardware end of things...and as the other poster says, stop trolling and being a little bitch, the same old complaints are just that, same & old. so shut the F**k up!

posted on 14 May 2008, 15:12

5. (unregistered)

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. #2. Did those words really come out of your mouth? Thank You to everyone that responded to his post. Absolutely hilarious. Hopefully its enough of a detterant so that kid doesnt even think twice about posting here again. Leave it to the educated buddy.

posted on 14 May 2008, 21:16

6. (unregistered)

Crippling WiFi? Are you serious? Who cares about WiFi when VZW has EV-DO on most of the network? As for the keyboard ... it's a standard clamshell. That's up to LG...NOT VZW.

posted on 15 May 2008, 00:23

7. This dude is a dumb ass!! (unregistered)

Wow! thats all I can say. How do you even explain the amount of ignorence in this world, such a waste.

posted on 15 May 2008, 07:33

8. steviecrackberry (unregistered)

i would rather use a tin can w/ string than to be using a vzw phone

posted on 15 May 2008, 18:44

9. (unregistered)

good...they dont want an idiot like you on their network anyways

posted on 16 May 2008, 19:06

10. (unregistered)

he must be an ATT user, hes just promoting their new line of phones...

posted on 23 Aug 2008, 10:26

11. (unregistered)

The VX8560 (a.k.a. Chocolate 3) just released July 13th. It comes in Ice Blue and Black, is $129.99, and has a wireless FM transmitter for music playback through your car's stereo speakers. I am thinking of upgrading to it, so I went and talked to a guy at my local VZW store on Tuesday. He said that "they tried to keep the original design of the Chocolate 2 for people who liked it." It had Adobe 3D flash support, and is now a flip-up phone. It is cool beyond cool! :)

posted on 23 Aug 2008, 10:28

12. (unregistered)

On the other half (I am the same guy who just posted at 10:26 AM) the u440 was supposed to originally be the u430 (see phonearena's upcoming Verizon phones page). I am confused, who's right, who's not? What features will come on the u430/u440? Music player, prehaps? Someone tell me, plz. I want to upgrade, but only get phones with music players!

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