FCC approved Samsung i770 and U430 for Verizon

FCC approved Samsung i770 and U430 for Verizon
Recently, the FCC page published information on two new Samsung phones, which seem to be bound for Verizon Wireless. Currently, there is almost no information about any of them, and the only facts are coming from the FCC filing.

Judging by its model number, Samsung SCH-U430 is the successor of the U410. You shouldn't expect anything great from a phone that most probably will be free with a 2-year contract.

Samsung SCH-i770, on the other hand, is an interesting model. It should be the successor of the i760, a Windows Mobile Professional smartphone with touch screen and a QWERTY keyboard. FCC reveals information that is CDMA/GSM hybrid, but unlike the rest "World" phones of Verizon, this one also supports the U.S. GSM frequencies. This means that if it is not locked, one will be able to use it with AT&T or T-Mobile SIM card. However, it is unlikely that Verizon will allow this to happen. i770 also features Bluetooth and WiFi.

source: FCC (i770, U430)



1. unregistered

I believe that the i770 will be VZWs version of the Samsung i620

5. i770 unregistered

I think that the i770 would most likely resemble the i780 not the i620. Samsung is generally good with keeping -like devices in the same product number.

2. unregistered

The i770 could be one of the first phones that can be used on any network in the US and not be sold exclusively for any carrier. Maybe we can be like the rest of the world and pick our phone first then pick a carrier. :-)

3. unregistered

This will most likely not be the case -- when VZW picks up a CDMA/GSM handset its only for VZW and its global users (i.e. BB8830, MotoZ6c). ATT or T-Mobile could have their own variant of the i770, but it would be GSM only.

4. unregistered

Ya, I highly doubt it either, but it would make sense if it did include U.S. GSM frequencies.

6. vzwemp unregistered

well, they made special mention that not only is it cdma/euro GSM, its also American GSM compatible.. so its truely a whole world phone. Now unlocking is a diff story. It could be the first phone that has come to light to take advantage of that "any app, any device" stance verizon is getting ready to switch to.

7. VZGuy unregistered

I was at a VZ dealer fair yesterday. One of the phones they talked about was the i770. They didnt have pictures, but the samsung rep confirmed it would be of the "blackjack" veriety, with global roaming capabilities.

8. Holla unregistered

hey vzw guy which fair were you at? I was at one yesterday and heard the same thing. I was about to come on here to post the same thing! Maybe we were at the same one?

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