Verizon's 3 day sale ends tonight - HTC Touch Pro2 for $29.99

Verizon's 3 day sale ends tonight - HTC Touch Pro2 for $29.99
Rush! Don't wait because Verizon's fantastic 3 Day Online Exclusive offer is about almost up. Those who've been really waiting for the ripe opportunity to pick up one of the best Windows Mobile phones available right now will find this deal ticking away quickly. For starters, this deal actually benefits existing customers as opposed to new ones – which is strange in itself due to the fact that it's usually the other way around. In any event, existing Verizon customers who are eligible for an upgrade can get themselves into the HTC Touch Pro2 for a mere $29.99 – that's just around the same price for some of their low-end feature phones. New customers are still getting a deal as well seeing that it can be purchased for $79.99 – which is still far better than paying for the $199.99 cost for buying it in stores. You really can't waste anymore time because this deal is set to expire tonight – so you better be quick before this deal runs out.

HTC Touch Pro2 Specifications | Review

source: Verizon via Pocketnow


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