Verizon to offer four new smartphones

Verizon to offer four new smartphones
Samsung i760, Palm Treo 755p, HTC Libra and HTC Titan (also known as Verizon Wireless SMT5800 and SMT6800) are about to appear with Verizon Wireless. Despite the identical EV-DO data, MP3 players and QWERTY keyboards, each of them has different features:

Samsung SCH-i760 is the only phone out of the four with stated release date and price. Its appearance is scheduled for October 19 (for online purchase) and November 2 (for stores release) at the price of $349.99, after a $50 mail-in rebate along with the additional $100 credit, which can be received under special terms. The new Samsung runs Windows Mobile 6 Professional OS and features QVGA touch-screen display, WiFi, 1.3-megapixel camera, stereo Bluetooth, mini USB and microSD slot.

Palm Treo 755p strikes with its Palm OS, 1.3-megapixel camera, high resolution (320x320 pixels) touch-screen display with hand-writing recognition, Bluetooth, infrared port, USB and miniSD slot.

Verizon Wireless SMT5800 (HTC Libra) will offer Windows Mobile 6 Standard OS, two keybaords-one numeric on the back and the side-sliding QWERTY one, 2-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, microSD slot and USB. We already reviewed its Qwest version.

Verizon Wireless XV6800 (HTC Titan) comes as the top smartphone among the Verizon’s new offers. It features Windows Mobile 6 OS, WiFi, GPS, 2-megapixel camera, stereo Bluetooth, infrared port, USB and microSD.

source: Verizon



1. gadgetgirl unregistered

So, was the hold-up of these smart phones/PDAs due to the new calling/data plans Verizon is working out or the new fun phones they just unveiled? Knowledge of these phones has been passed around for the better part of the year on at least three of these devices ... Stringent testing aside, since the specs seem to be the same as purported months ago, I wonder why it has taken soo long for Verizon to *officially* announce their releases. I've been patiently waiting for these specific phones to come out on the market but my patience is really wearing thin. And it looks like I'll have to wait a little longer for the HTC variants

2. MP5 unregistered

Thank god... now get all of them available for sale.

3. Shawn unregistered

Can't believe they took a year to release the i760. Unfortunately it's now obsolete, but it's the best we can hope for I suppose without switching to at&t or sprint.

4. glaze unregistered

waaaaah, thats all i hear, a bunch of crying from a bunch of babies. seriously, if you cant wait then go somewhere else. stop whining.

5. Waited too long unregistered

Obviously Glaze must work for Verizon. It's that type of arrogance is the reason why you should switch. Why show loyalty when the company doesn't show loyalty back???

6. VZWguy unregistered

in august...if any of you could read and comprehend things, verizon announced all their phones were launching with windows mobile6. the first carrier to make it so, and because of that it caused issues. the carrier demanded the makers change thier firmware over, the phone makers got all puffy, got back to square one, and it took 4-5 months for ALL of these phones to be re-released. I saw each and every one of these with windows mobile 5, and that was live in august. now in November they are finally getting the OS the USERS complained they wanted so so many of the myopic users have forgotten what they demanded, and are just complaining about it now. something something stones in a glass houses something something.

7. glaze unregistered

who i work for does not matter. all i know is that everyone on here moans and cry's about release dates and blah blah, phones suck and blah blah. offer something to the discussion or dont post. if you want to play the assumption game, then i will just assume you all simply cannot afford the services VZW offers and are just bitter since the cheaper alternatives are crap. have fun with your helio!

8. VZWguy unregistered

I think they are right, I mean every carrier has all windows mobile 6 phones, all carrier have a revolutionary new touch screen full qwerty phone with TV and full HTML, all carriers have one of the larget, most reliable, and best networks. and lets not forget that verizon has gotten rid of the verizon UI in favor of flash UI, damn them for doing that, every other carrier lets you use the odd, blaoted, and often worthless menu styles that differ phone to phone and company to company. damn them for making thier customers happy, damn them for doing what is good, damn them for releasing stuff and knowingt hat it works instead of relaisng, and fixing shit as they go like the jesus phone or the many mess ups that sprint has offered. damn them for offeirng a fully open internet service for 45 bucks instead of the jacked up shortlist internet sprint gives out, damn verizon for giving service that works, and screw them for releaisng phones that are not only cutting edge, but phones that are so good all people can say is "damn that took too long"

9. unregistered

All this moaning and groaning. How about something usefull like an educated guess when the other phones may be available.

10. LordObento unregistered

How is it outdated? These are Rev A capable phones with WM6 or the lastest Palm. Is there so newer technology or OS that these things don't have that other carriers in the US do have???

11. JA unregistered

C'mon now, these must be VZW employees, these postings reek of brainwashing! The fact of the matter is that VZW does have good service coverage, but the choice of smartphones sucks. Your customer base has the right to demand the newest technology and the best service for the prices that we pay for VZW. All we want is for VZW to finally be on the cutting edge instead of always following the pack. (how long did it take for the Razr to finally come out for VZW, and when it did who really cared at that ppoint) If you are going to boast about all the great services you offer, please make a phone that is capable of utilizing them in one device. Speaking of devices and that wonderful VZW UI that is forced upon us through the VZW phones that can't be unlocked, how about you stop disabling the best or most technologically advanced features these manufacturers work so hard to put in their phones. The only reason an employee gets as defensive as VZW employees do, is because they know the claims are true and yelling about how great you think you are hopefully drowns out the noise from customer complaints. If VZW is so great with technology, why are they losing so many customers to the competition right now? Why are they trying so hard to mimick the competitors phones and why isn't Europe on the same CDMA technology? Questions, questions, questions, while everyone just keeps waiting and waiting for tangible answers.

12. JA unregistered

Oh, and please don't tell me that VZW is going to release the SMT 5800 in those ugly colors and funky keyboard we saw in the sneak peek pictures earlier in the year! If you make your customers wait forever, the least you can do is make sure the product is good looking and has all the latest bells and whistles. BTW, B-berry curve, where is it? 2 years away???

13. Weez unregistered

I think you guys should listen to the above postings. People moan and gripe about getting the latest devices but many don't know that having customers who call you btching and moaning about bugs and recalls because a company released a device THEY KNEW had glitches is a royal pain in both customers and the companies behinds. If you want the latest and greatest (that will probably fail after 4 months of use) go ahead to another company. If you want to be patient and have a phone that will actually work longer than 2 weeks go with one from VZW. I worked for a wireless company notorious for getting the latest phones. I will say dealing with angry customers about their defected phones was the worst. Glad to say I don't have to deal with that $#&*( anymore..ill stick to being a consumer.

14. JA unregistered

Interesting feedback. I hear you VZW employee, maybe what you are trained to say is exactly the problem. People do want phones that look great, are intuitive and have the most up to date technology, why do you think people buy Mercedes and BMW, if it was always about just reliability in an ugly package we would all be driving a Kia! Like it or not, we live in a world where everyone is looking for the next best device, if we didn't, most of your phone manufacturers would be out of business because customers would be content with the old brick phone as long as it was reliable! D' Ali G, you must not have understood, of course consumers are supposed to pay their bill on time and in full, no one questions that, and nothing is free, what was being said was how much VZW was charging is among the highest in the industry! If you charge the most, for "the Best" service, you owe it to your customers to provide them with the best service, products and customers experience possible. Being good just isn't good enough anymore in this day and age, there's always someone striving to be better, quicker and and more advanced than the next guy. It's great that you take so much pride in your company and that you have emersed yourself in their culture, but it might be wise to peek out into the general populous once in a while to see what everyone outside of the VZW family is thinking. I know VZW is involved with their manufacturers when they build a device, I think all we're asking is that they be a little forward thinking when producing a new phone, so it isn't old news the day it comes out.

15. LordObento unregistered

Fact: Verizon invest over 1 Billion dollars every 90 days into the network. NO other carrier even comes close to that. Since 2000, $40 billion dollars has been put into building, expanding, upgrading and maintaining the network. So when you complain about Verizon being so expensive.... they aren't bank rolling your cash, they are putting it where it needs to go, the network. In the meantime... Verizon will try to keep up with new phones/technology by working with the manufactures.BTW, Lowest Churn in the industry... I doubt that the masses care about UI's and OBEX so I don't see how people say Verizon is Losing Customers. Check the figures... or Gary Forsee what it means to lose customers.

16. Da Ali G unregistered

I agree that how much VZW charges us, we should have somethign cutting edge and reliable, but i guess technology doesn't work that way. I use to work for VZW about 3 years back when EVDO 1st launched, and people went nuts. But i agree VZW Shoudn't be trailing in phone technology. But granted that they use CDMA and lock down features for company profits does suck, i couldn't agree with you guys more. but at the same time, i agree with you how VZW doesn't always have the latest, but does have the greatest stuff though. most if it works great. When the voyager comes out, it will be compared to the Iphone because of the touchscreen and that is a benchmark the Iphone has set. but in no way is it made to compete against it. you have a mac smartphone VS regular phone with touchscreen. Im surprised that t-mobile out of all carriers was able to get the 6800 before VZW...

17. unregistered

want some cheese to go with that wine. why don't you call whine one one and get a whambulance. Please!!!!

18. some guy... unregistered

all you tech junkies need to calm tha hell down. since you know so much how bout you guys stop wasting your time writing pointless comments on the internet and go work for one of these companies and make it better SINCE YOUR SOOOOOOOO SMART!!!! but if not.....SHUT UP....its only a phone.

19. Jason unregistered

I went in search of a new phone last February. Loved the look of the HTC S710, sadly I am a Sprint customer so it didnt cut it, but wait...rumors of the HTC S720 for CDMA Networks... Wated till August when news came that it was due out "soon" with Verizon...I was happy after waiting so long from the initial anouncement that they work "working" on one to it finally comeing out. Its rumored release date came and went and it is still not out. Regardless of people wanting WM6 over 5 should it really take this long? I never thought the Libra had the looks of the Vox, and now that the Volan is due out later this month I dont care anymore. Before they even get this older phone out its newer big brother will be out, THAT is the problem. Testing and all that aside, they had plans for this phone at the begining of the year, your expecting me to believe that it takes this long to update the firmware and install a new OS and then mass produce them? Sorry, I wont buy it. I know things update and change, but the Libra has been out since the early summer in Canada and on Qwest, so VZW has no excuses. I will get AT&T and the newer phone. I lose REV A, but oh well, I dont need that much speed on my phone. Same with 3g, where do I use the net on my phone usually? Where I can find hotspots, and from what I lost I gain in WiFi and GPS so good by CDMA and your old phones.

20. kujo unregistered

wen are yu gunna get these phones out...i want the 6800 now!!!

21. kujo unregistered

wen are yu gunna get these phones out...i want the 6800 now!!!

22. SJ unregistered

Back in June a Verizon business account rep told me the 5800 was being "retrofitted" to run WM6, and they were planning to release it in July. Obviously that timeframe has come and gone. It is almost a year ago that rumors and pics of this phone were hitting the web. I guess it remains to be seen if they will ever release this phone. I just hope we aren’t waiting for this phone, only to be disappointed with its performance. I am fed up with having the proverbial “carrot” dangled in front of my nose. It WiFi is disabled on this phone, I will come unglued!

23. Jason unregistered

WiFi is disabled the the Qwest and Telus versions of the 5800, and I am going with a 90% chance or greater is gone with Verizons version. Thats why I am dumping CDMA for the s730 next month.

24. unregistered

I read on the HTC Wiki site that Sprint could not get the Mogul working and was offering replacements for it to their customers. Maybe the Samsung is the better phone. Is phonearena going to review the i760?

25. Necrosis unregistered

I got fed up with Verizon taking so long to release these PDA phones, so I went to AT&T and got the HTC Tilt. This phone is fabulous, but the reception was poor, and unreliable. This is after AT&T boasts how much money they put into the Phoenix market. I sadly had to give up the wonderful HTC Tilt and return to verizon and wait for the release of the XV6800. Which by the way is the previous generation of the Tilt.

26. SJ unregistered

Last Friday I went to Verizon to attempt to obtain an honest answer about the release of this phone. (Don't laugh too hard!). To my surprise, I think I might have received the real answer to the "release date" question. I explained that my company was about to "jump ship" to AT&T, which is pursuing the account by loaning iPhones to all employees. AT&T really wants our account. I told her all I really wanted was an honest answer so I could make the best decision for everyone concerned. Since the employee could find absolutely zilch about the phone, she called the "data/tech guy" (her words). He said he had the phone on Thursday and was working with it. Drum roll, please......VERIZON IS HAVING PROBLEMS WITH THE PHONE CONNECTING AND REMAINING CONNECTED TO THE NEWORK. He said he would like to guarantee that it will be released before Christmas, but it quite possibly be in January. I hate to be the bearer of bad news. I guess if it gets released before year's end, we can all faint from the sheer magnitude of the shock.

27. bred unregistered

verizon wireless' htc 6800 will release december 5th they are already in stores anxiously waiting to hit the floor

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