Verizon to introduce unlimited 2G data on all plans, and a new 12 GB tier

Verizon finally adds free unlimited slow data to all its plans
Starting September 6th, Verizon is doing away with the monthly "Safety Mode" charge that it now levies on users of its lower-tier data plans. Currently, Verizon doesn't charge overages on the 2 GB, 4 GB and 8 GB plans only if you add Safety Mode to the package at $5/month. Then it throttles your speed at 128 Kbps when you exceed the allotted amount, instead of charging $15 on each extra gigabyte. 

The higher-tier plans have the Safety Mode included for free but, starting September 6th, all Verizon plans will include throttling when your plan's data bracket is exhausted, instead of overages. Coincidentally, that was the date T-Mobile said it will turn on its new unlimited T-MobileOne plan, though that's been pulled forward. 

In addition, Verizon will start offering a new, 12 GB plan for $80, which will sit right smack in the middle between its $70 8 GB plan, and the $90 16 GB one, so its plan schedule will look like the table you see below from next Tuesday. Long story short, competition again proves to be a great thing.. for consumers.

Plans2 GB4 GB8 GB12 GB16 GB24 GB40 GB50 GB80 GB100 GB
Monthly Cost$35$50$70$80$90$110$135$225$360$450
*12 GB plan available from September 6th

source: Engadget

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