Verizon to get social on Monday with announcement of Microsoft's Turtle and Pure?

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Verizon to get social on Monday with announcement of Microsoft's Turtle and Pure?
Verizon has apparently sent an e-mail to employees saying that "The Journey Begins On Monday". That obviously is a heads-up to employees to expect at least one new device to be announced after the weekend. The message continues with the phrases, "Let's Get Social" and  "It's Time to Share". Those two sentences come straight from Microsoft's invitation to its own Monday party to introduce the Project Pink phone duo. With the e-mail saying that Verizon will have an exclusive on whatever will be announced at the beginning of the week, the Pure and the Turtle would now seem to be available only through Big Red, which will probably make it official at its own Monday gathering. While many of you in the target demographic age for both handsets are pumped for next week's season two premiere of Glee, the introduction of two more messaging phones for the nation's largest carrier might steal a little bit of thunder from your thoughts. After all, how cool is a phone named Turtle? And as if we needed more confirmation that the Project Pink phones are for real, memory card maker SanDisk accidentally let slip to the press that both models will have microSD slots that will support SanDisk's microSD cards. With friends like that...but we digress.

One alternate opinion comes from a reader of Android Central who says that the "Journey" on Monday will be the launch of  NFL Mobile for Verizon. This is based on the fact that the object that is spiraling through the air on Verizon's flyer is shaped like a football. Of course, that doesn't explain the coincidence of the same exact phrases being used on both Big Red and Microsoft's messages. No sense in wasting brain function on this. Monday is rapidly approaching and we will know by the end of that day.

source: BerryScoop via AndroidCentral



1. testman22

Posts: 339; Member since: Nov 03, 2009

I see winmo going towards the path of destruction similar to palm. WinMo 7 better be good or else they are done

2. numberonenygfan

Posts: 211; Member since: Oct 19, 2009

Completley agree. I would rather have a palm then a windows phone.. unless you use microsoft exchange on a regular basis, anything is better then windows.

3. jhoots

Posts: 74; Member since: Jan 13, 2010

winmo is not going to fail. maybe for the average cell phone user but in the business world Windows mobile is king and it wont be going anywhere..

4. deadpool_ct

Posts: 18; Member since: Mar 23, 2010

Unfortunately for winmo, blackberry and android are rapidly taking over the business world due to the fact that is it cheaper and easier to use either a blackberry enterprise server or the google apps platform. I see winmo being a thing of the past after this year. Winmo needs to step up to the plate big time if they are going to have any success against blackberry and android, along with the flying rumors of Verizon getting the iPhone in July. So we will have to wait and see what winmo decides to do and we will see who is on top at the end of the year.

8. Kiltlifter

Posts: 742; Member since: Dec 11, 2008

Deadpool... your comment is completely flawed... It is not cheapter to use the BES on blackberry, actually it is waaaaay more expensive. In order to use a BES, you have to already have an existing enterprise server through either Microsoft Outlook Exchange or thru Lotus Domino Exchange... both are not cheap... THEN, when you want to use the BES, you have to purchase additional device licenses on the on the BES server, that user your email exchange server to sync with the BES. If you go witn a WinMo device, no addition servers are required other than your MOE. I am estimating on the next statement but a BES license is like 2-5k, while a Outlook server is like 5-15K before you have to purchase more licenses... so it is waaaaay cheaper form a business stand point to go with Windows Mobile than RIM. From a small business standpoint, it is rapidly becoming cheaper to use google exchange and go the android route, but Microsoft is trying to get more small business friendly as well... we will see. Blackberry doesn't make sense to me, buy our product to use what other products do already, then pay us more..... ??? Google is the next microsoft when it comes to development and pushing boundaries, so I see them being a big innovator and only real competition to the business world to microsoft in the long run.

5. PapaJay224

Posts: 866; Member since: Feb 08, 2009

I dont get why everyone thinks this is the Pink release?!?!?! Cmon the clues are something to share, something big, something "launching", its unique...How about something Incredible? or is that too obvious...cause something pink is last thing I thought of...These turtle and pure phone are weak...the next big thing from Microsoft isn't going to be a little multimedia bubble phone, it will be something like the HTC or the ZuneHD, The market is saturated right now with awesome Touch screen phones why would Microsoft try and keep the biggest secret in the world to release something called a turtle? Cmon...I like it better when phone arena actually speculated a valid foresight.

6. Sharky

Posts: 259; Member since: Jun 24, 2008

Well lets see. It's time to share: Let's Get Social is Zune's catch phrase. I'd say it's project Pink. And rumors say that the turtle and pure both use Zune/Zune Marketplace, so its not like these are crappy messaging phones. These could potentially be very nice messaging phone with higher end capabilities. Personally, I'm excited to see if the rumors are true. If this is sold a highend featurephone on a $10 data plan + w/e voice/texting plan, I'd certainly consider getting one.

7. PapaJay224

Posts: 866; Member since: Feb 08, 2009

ok, ok ...Im willing to admit there is a little intrigue in what you are saying...but the turtle and pure? Im open to believe that the Series 7 phone would be a mastermind among competitors considering all the buzz (no pun intended) on Google Android devices and iPhones alike. I cant honestly see either one of these smaller handsets, however, dominating a worth wile cause. But why would Microsoft keep it that far under wraps? A "Zune" phone, if you will, would be the meaning of competition and even then mimicking a ZuneHD style sets them back as the ZuneHD itself has not sold that many units. All I am saying is there is a piss load of hype behind all of the mystery and I cant see it NOT disappointing the masses, think of it as a proverbial Transformers 2...

9. BrokenImaege

Posts: 173; Member since: Jul 27, 2009

Here is what exactly is going on Monday April 12th. Verizon Wireless will provide football fans with unprecedented information and access to the NFL (National Football League) via a downloadable application on select devices over the nation's largest 3G network. The first phase of the NFL Mobile App, launching April 12, 2010, will provide live video, news and information preceding and through the NFL Draft (April 22 - 24, 2010). Content will include: Live 24/7 streaming video of the NFL Network including live coverage of the NFL Draft from Radio City Music Hall In-Depth prospect profiles Extensive collection of on-demand video of NFL Network analysis Pick-by-pick Draft tracker updated in real time Blogs and Analysis Team History and Results Video clips of marquis prospects Mock Draft Dedicated team pages Pricing: The NFL Mobile App will be free to download at launch. Customers who download the app between 4/12/10 and 12/31/10 will receive it for free for the 2010-2011 NFL season Pricing for this App after 1/1/11 will be announced at a later time. Stay Tuned! As the NFL season approaches, more content will be available including: Live 24/7 streaming video of the NFL Network, including 8 Thursday night games Live streaming video of 17 NBC Sunday night games Live streaming audio every NFL game NFL RedZone video Extensive collection of on-demand video of NFL Network analysis NFL Fantasy Football Web Integration NFL news and team/player statistics NFL GameDay Live live play-by-play content Ringtones and Wallpaper Player bios


Posts: 316; Member since: Jul 15, 2009

Microsoft turtle ha..!! Perfect name to get along with a slow ass network......I'll wait for your answers fanboys, VZW got the best blah, blah, blah, blah...!!!!!

11. rickerbilly

Posts: 2; Member since: Sep 29, 2009

Since this is a Iphone fan site only, I won't comment more on this topic

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