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Verizon to aim DROID X marketing to men

Verizon to aim DROID X marketing to men
When Verizon started marketing the Palm Pre Plus, the carrier aimed the device right at women. We suppose that if the webOS flavored phone strikes Verizon's marketing staff as being female, the powerful, massive, fast Motorola DROID X is the male equivalent. Some leaked documents handed out to Verizon employees focus on what you might call the male characteristics of the handset. With NFL Mobile coming pre-installed on the phone, every bone-crunching, brain jarring tackle can be viewed on the 4.3 inch display that is featured on the DROID X. The HD video is "high octane fuel for your eyes." The marketing sheet adds that with the handset, you will be able to unlock an immense appsphere that powers your way past your mortal peers. Verizon, better lay off some of the testosterone talk or else too  many wives and girl friends will be putting their foot down and won't allow the so-called alpha male to buy the device.

Motorola DROID X Specifications

source: BGR


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