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Verizon teases an upcoming Motorola tablet

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Verizon teases an upcoming Motorola tablet

DroidLanding, Verizon's arm that promotes the carrier's exclusive Droid line of smart devices, has been on a tweeting spree these last few days, promoting a contest and raising awareness about an upcoming 'mystery' device. Of course, it doesn't take much of a genius to see that it probably won't be long until we see Verizon add a new Droid tablet to its roster. Said tablet will, of course, be produced by Motorola, the carrier's official partner for all things Droid.

Those of you enjoying a good memory will probably remember that we had a commercial storyboard leak in early July that actually contained some of the same lines that Verizon's new teaser does, not to mention that the theme is almost identical. That one is supposedly all about the Droid MAXX and its massive battery, though it does also suggest a certain amount of coherence in Motorola's strategy, which is to be expected. What this means, in a nutshell, is that this isn't new and Motorola is likely targeting a launch before the holidays.

So, what do we know about the tablet? Nothing really, though if you look closely, the package in the Verizon teaser does appear to be about the size of your typical 10-inch tablet, which is our only clue so far. Hopefully, the next episode will contain more clues and we'll be able to build on our Droid theory.

source: Verizon, DroidLanding

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