Galaxy Note 8 on Verizon gets its first OTA update

In case you haven't heard, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is officially hitting the shelves today. Verizon is commemorating the occasion by releasing its first OTA update for the 6.3-inch phablet. 

The software upgrade is not identical to the one released for the international variant of the Note 8 - that one has a kernel version of 4.4.13, while Verizon's update stands at 4.4.21. After updating, the software version of Note 8 units distributed by Verizon should stand at N950USQU1AQI5. 

Here is the changelog for the Verizon update:

  • Improved stability for Navigation app, Google Maps, Weather widget.
  • Device stability improvements, bug fixes.
  • Performance improvements.

Sadly, the Android security patch for the month of September isn't present here either, which means that all Note 8 units are still running last month's version. However, we expect that this should be sorted out soon. 

The update is available OTA, but it might take some time to reach all compatible devices. As always, make sure that your phone is sufficiently charged and connected to a Wi-Fi network before proceeding with the donwload.



1. talon95

Posts: 1009; Member since: Jul 31, 2012

I have it already on T-Mobile as well.

2. phnrpt

Posts: 23; Member since: May 28, 2012

Note 8 is an EPIC FAIL #1. 6.3" screen is ACCUALLY SMALLER than 5.7" screen when you compare them by watching any online stream video. The reason is the screen aspect ratio of note 8 is 18.5:9 instead of the traditional ratio 16:9 #2. bezel (side frame) is the nature protection to the NAKED GALSS EDGE, it is insane if you cannot agree with this or you are getting paid by the industry. #3. The reflexing white light on the curved edges damages eyes in a long run. Just like you will never place a curved mirror at your home for distorted image. It's the same reason why they do not make curved edge TV because the same problem will be more obvious. But the big industries will benefit from this since their investments also include medicine. (Samsung makes MRI medical equipments, and etc.) #4. non-replaceable battery is another way to disrespect consumer's right of self-repair. Samsung's excuse is water-resistance. How many average consumer will really use phone in a raining day or under the water. What's the chance a phone will accidentally get dropped into the water? #5. solution? Yes, the 6.4" Lenovo phab 2 Pro is the true 6.4" FLAT SCREEN for comfortable view. The rest of the specs is relatively low. But Lenovo has room to improve in a very easy way. #6. The ultimate phablet should be 7" FLAT screen with high-end specs and user-replaceable battery. Any manufacture first reach this will truly be the king of the industry. Sony, Huawei, Lenove or even LG, ARE YOU BOLD ENOUGH TO DO THIS? Ugly thing to talk about, for the ugly things already happening to us. People, if we don't stand up and speak up, nobody will speak for us.

3. SupermanayrB

Posts: 1188; Member since: Mar 20, 2012

This novel of a comment was an epic fail. 1. Physically go into a store & compare it with a 5.7" display & you'll see the difference. 2. What? If you're referring to it not being protected, I've dropped my S7E on concrete, marble, granite, tile & wooden floors. Not a scratch & all I use is a Tech21 case with no screen protector & this display protrudes more than the Note 8. 3. Link to this bullisht, please. Also, Settings-Display-Blue Light Filter. Problem solved. 4. Thought you had a valid point, then I read the rest of the comment. 5. LMAO! 6. I wouldn't mind seeing Sammy make a flat edge to edge display since I don't use the Edge features & I think (especially for the Note) or would look better. That's the only thing I can agree with.


Posts: 1461; Member since: Mar 09, 2010

He must be an iNut...... This is the phone to beat..... I have yet to kill the battery in my regular day of use. It is off the charger by 3 am back on the charger by 8pm 18%battery life transpires to 3-4 more hours of use.

5. Nostromo79

Posts: 171; Member since: Jun 22, 2016

Went smoothly enough. The complementary Gear 360 Camera which Samsung graciously sent to me recently also received a 222 MB update; get one of those cameras if you can as it's an eye-opener and I don't perceive it as a gimmick whatsoever.

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