Verizon relaunching the KIN duo today, this time as feature phones

Verizon relaunching the KIN duo today, this time as feature phones
We knew Verizon will relaunch Microsoft's KIN phones, and we had a tipster earlier that sent us pictures from Verizon's internal system that today is the day. A quick look at Verizon's website, and the dynamic duo is already being sold online, but the internal documents we were sent show in-store availability December 2nd.

The KIN ONEm and KIN TWOm (don't ask us what the "m" stands for) are available as feature phones now, meaning you don't have to pay a data plan anymore to get them. Verizon's KIN ONEm, with its 5MP camera and 4GB of memory will cost $19.99 with a two-year contract, $89.99 on one year, and $119 without a contract.

The KIN TWOm, with its decent 8MP camera that shoots HD video, and 8GB internal memory, is $49.99 for two years, $119.99 for one, and $219.99 off-contract. The KIN TWOm was available on a BOGO offer when we first visited the page, but now the offer is gone.

What do you think, are the prices low enough for Microsoft's KIN project not to be such a flop? After all, in the camera and internal storage departments the KIN phones are offering more than Verizon's feature phones, and will be marketed to the teen crowd.

Thanks for the tip!

source: Verizon

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12. derek

Posts: 14; Member since: Nov 18, 2010

there was a glitch in the website system and these phones do not require data, and they have finally fixed the problem and the m does not stand for mobile, it stands for modified because they modified it by removing data using features like the loop

11. sarah unregistered

I just ordered one for myself and for my son yesterday and online it did require a data pkg but when I called verizon directly the rep. said it was probably a glitch in the system so she ordered it over the phone for me and it doesn't require a data pkg. They were also offering BOGO with a approved 2 year agreement.

10. Scribe3d unregistered

As feature phones, these do not require a data plan. I called customer service and did a "fake order" to see what happened. Both confirmed that data was not necessary. I also asked about the necessity of an individual plan and was told that this was a hitch in the online process. They said you can go back after the order and change the line to a share line as a work-around until they get it fixed online. I was also told they could order it for me on the phone out-right the right way. In any case, as feature phones at these price points, these are hella-nice buys. Fifty bucks for a 8MP, 8GB on-board, and a 600mMHz tegra processor feature phone will make some kids Christmas fairly merry.

9. smward unregistered

I attempted to upgrade to this phone yesterday and was unable to do so without choosing a smartphone data plan. I talked with a verizon rep who told me the phones were listed on the web site as a feature phone in error and are still considered a smartphone. Verizon reps have no idea what is going on with this phone and are misinformed ( i've gotten different answers from different reps). They better remove the data plan requirement or this phone will surely flop again.

5. zerglisk

Posts: 544; Member since: Feb 09, 2010

"m" stands for windows "mobile"... are they still on windows mobile 6.5 crap!?

4. toodles unregistered

I was looking at these phones on the website and seeing what they would cost me to upgrade to. When I try to upgrade to either of these phones, I am told by the system that these phones cannot be used on a family plan account. If I ordered one, then I would have to establish an individual plan to use this phone, and forego my family plan.

8. BostonCeltics unregistered

Yea i just tried to order it online but i was not able to because i was on a family plan. It requires an individual plan.... which is kinda dumb. This phone is about to flop AGAIN.

3. steven252000

Posts: 64; Member since: Feb 10, 2010

Okay just to comment on the data plan deal with these phones. I just checked the phones out on due to the fact we are getting my daughter a phone for Christmas. I chatted with a rep and asked "Do you have to have a data plan this go around with these phones?" To which she answered "yes, a data plan ir required". I promptly ranted on her a little bit about the phone flopping the first time around due to having to have a data plan on a phone mainly aimed at teens and that most people if made to pay a data plan would just rather opt for a smartphone which can and will do much more than a Kin phone ever could. The rep said it failed the first time due to other "phone related" issues. these phones require a data plan? I wish I knew for sure. Not many of the other regular "feature" phones really appeal to me much. I would like to buy my daughter a phone that was half way cool. I also can not really afford to add another data plan to my account so that means we are looking only at feature phones. Guess I will try another rep and see what I am told

6. CRICKETownz

Posts: 980; Member since: Oct 24, 2009

The fact that these devices carry the ''feature phone'' label means that they DO NOT require a data plan. Whatever rep you chatted with was either trying to upsell you on a data plan or was just misinformed about the devices. It was my understanding that some of the original smartphone features that were on the original KIN One/Two models like the auto-updates from Facebook, Twitter, etc. were being taken away so that the phone could fit the ''feature phone'' profile. It may have sucked as a smartphone but I think it would be one hell of a feature phone. 5/8MP camera with 4 or 8GB onboard memory as well as a cheap price tag. Maybe they pulled it and revamped the software to sell thru inventory.

7. souleater93

Posts: 86; Member since: Mar 20, 2009

I agree with you on the point with the with feature phones not requiring data plans, however not all of Verizon wireless people get the new information at the same time or they ignore it causing scams within Verizon. Some employees do in fact try to get more money out of costumers and I have seen them do it. Also if they wanted to make it a feature phone wouldn't they have to change the OS because smartphones run on iOS, WM OS, or Android OS typically...and weren't they running WM before like @zerglisk says?

2. darkerthnblack unregistered

Wifi isn't billed per use as it's not using the data network for vzw

1. souleater93

Posts: 86; Member since: Mar 20, 2009

I find this a little odd because they were first smartphones and I heard they didn't fare well with consumers, but now they are feature phones, which can be more appealing to costumers that don't want to pay for Data. I know the KIN TWOm has wifi which is a first for feature phones, my question would be can a user use wifi even if they don't have a data plan or would Verizon make you pay to use it?

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