Verizon pushing out new data plans for Enhanced Multimedia Phones

Verizon pushing out new data plans for Enhanced Multimedia Phones
Before you read this, please keep in mind that not all the information is released yet, and we are working hard to verify this with various sources.

We've been hearing over the past two days that not only will Verizon be launching the Samsung Rogue U960 and Intensity U450 on September 8th, but there will also be new data plans. These are strictly for "Enhanced Multimedia Phones" (not smartphones), which the Rogue will be the first one. What does this mean, you might ask? If you want to purchase the Rogue, it can only be activated on a Nationwide Plan (which is nothing new), but if that happens to be a Nationwide Basic or Select Plan, you will be required to also purchase one of two monthly data plans: 25MB for $9.99/month or 75MB for $19.99/month. This means the current $15 VCast Pack will no longer include Unlimited Data like it has. (We're hearing that VCast will be lowered to $10/month). However, if you activate the Rogue on a Nationwide Connect or Premium Plan, then you will not be forced to buy a data plan, since unlimited data is already included.

On the one hand we can understand why Verizon is doing this, because they are losing money on the $15 VCast pack with Unlimited Data (most likely because of tethering), but it also seems bad for the average consumer who will end up paying more each month for adding a data plan or having to go to Connect or Premium Plan.

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