Verizon prepares all-black version of the Samsung SCH-U740

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Verizon prepares all-black version of the Samsung SCH-U740
Although this is not our favorite phone, there are people who like the U740 and its dual-hinged design that allows for using it as either regular clamshell or as a phone with QWERTY keyboard, once you open it side-ways. But one of the things most people don’t like about it is the light color of the housing, which is the only one Verizon currently offers. This will end soon, as the CDMA carrier is preparing an all-black colored version of the Samsung U740. Otherwise identical in specifications and hardware, the black U740 should be available soon as it already appeared on the Verizon Testman site.

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1. milllllller unregistered

FINALLY! that champagne was good ugly and should never be used on a cell phone again.

2. bobby unregistered

That ugly gold or w.e had to go thats what was holding me back from getting the phone THANK YOU SOO MUCH IT LOOKS SOO GOOD ALL BLACK!!

3. yo unregistered

This is probably photoshoped, but it would give a good idea of what the phone looks like. I hear there are dummies of the black u740 in some circuit city stores. Let's wait and see

4. James Cnquer unregistered

Its about time, that cheezy sugar cookie off white eggshell metalliac white nasty krispy creme color needed to go.

5. unregistered

Does anyone how long it will be before they hit the stores. Is soon six months or 6 days.

6. mark unregistered

I was in a Verizon store today and the girl told me it was coming oout in black, probably next week, she showed me the pics on their intranet......

7. Paul Osburn unregistered

im getting this as soon as it reaches the store. their going to call me. =]. i should just be a FEW DAYS!

8. John Doe unregistered

I went to the Verizon Store today and heard that I might be able to get one tomorrow!

9. CErry unregistered


10. James unregistered

I ordered it yesterday, to be delivered tomorrow. Yeah buddy.

11. unregistered

I got mine on the 15th - it's such a great phone. Looks amazing in the black!

12. DJ unregistered

I just heard about this phone today and ordered the black...everything i want in a phone mp3 player, slim, small, keyboard. This will be on record as champagn is the worst color verizon chose. Color makes and breaks phone

13. Drea unregistered

I went to a Verizon store (after purchasing the black one the day it came out) and was wondering "I know its going to happen..but when will the Pink Samsung u740 come out?" The rep told me "during this year probably..." I want a pink one..yes i'm a girly girly..

14. unregistered

ya im so exticed i think its proly the colles fone ever

15. Tom Endellson unregistered

I need to know if this phone is coming in a prepaid form because my folks won't let me get a phone with a plan... can anyone help??? (is there a prepaid form of this phone?)

16. unregistered

i want that phone

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