Verizon officially changes its rates; revamped app gives you control of your wireless service

Verizon officially changes its rates; revamped app gives you control of your wireless service
Starting tomorrow, July 7th, the My Verizon app will undergo a metamorphosis. The app will be able to give you all of the information you need to know about your account and bill in real time. This can be found in a section of the app called The Feed. Another section of the app called The Data Hub is all about data. Find out who is using it the most, how much you have left to use, and how to get more. Go to Shop to check out your options when it comes to buying a new device.

On-Demand Support answers your questions without requiring that you call for help, and the Simplified Bill is easy to understand. You can also pay your bill by making a few taps on your device. Data Boost will allow you to purchase extra data directly from the My Verizon app for the price of $15/GB. With the app, you can change your plan anytime you want, as often as you want. For the first time, your wireless account is truly in your own hands.

As we expected, Verizon has raised the pricing of its service tiers, but has also added more data for each one. Each level features unlimited talk and unlimited text. The choices are:

Small, $35 a month with 2GB of Data (previously was $30 for 1GB)

Medium, $50 a month with 4GB of Data (previously was $45 for 3GB)

Large, $70 for 8GB of Data (previously was $60 for 6GB)

X-Large, $90 for 16GB of Data (previously was $80 for 12GB)

XX-Large, $110 for 24GB of Data (previously was $100 for 18GB).

Verizon is also adding Carryover Data. Data paid for but unused over the course of a month can be used the very next month before it expires for good. And Safety Mode prevents overages by throttling your data down to 128Kbps once you consume all of your monthly data allowance. This feature can be added for free to those on the XL and XXL plans. Others will have to pay $15 a month. Keep in mind that if you are already a Verizon customer, you do not have to accept the higher prices and increased data allowance, at least for now.

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source: Verizon

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