Verizon offers the HTC ThunderBolt for $149 to selected subscribers

Verizon offers the HTC ThunderBolt for $149 to selected subscribers
If you have your mind set on Verizon's HTC ThunderBolt, one thing that might make you have second thoughts is the $249 price tag attached to it. Our loyal readers should be already aware that Amazon has a much better offer asking only $179 for the exact same smartphone, but we just recently found out that an even cheaper option existed out there.

It seems like Verizon is running a special for some of its existing subscribers, which will have the privilege to purchase the carrier's first LTE smartphone for the price of $149 as long as they commit to a new 2-year contract. If you are wondering why you have not heard about the promo, it is because only selected Verizon customers seem to have received a notification about it in their e-mail inbox. How Verizon picks its fortunate subscribers is not yet clear to us – some suggest that this could be a regional deal focused around the Chicago area, while others think the special could be limited to only those Verizon customers who are allowed to upgrade from another device.

Nevertheless, nothing is holding you back from calling Verizon's customer center (800 437 6132) and finding out whether you are eligible for the discount or not, and if it happens to work for you, do not forget to share it with us in the comments.

source: Droid Life via PhoneDog

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